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PC 110 | This Is The End


Profitcast FeedburnerThis is the end. The end of the line for Profitcast. And though there might be no more developed road beyond this point, the journey is far from over. The journey of discovery, both into defining what it means to profit and in making an uber customizable model apply for a specific situation, is one that always eventually meets undeveloped terrain. It is very rare for the same model to produce identical outcomes for two people and deviations are, at some point, necessary. So podcasters trailblaze as explorers did when settling in new places all over the world: when no road was paved, they made their own ruts.

We heard from a wide assortment of podcasters across all different genres and styles and audiences about the challenges of making new ruts in undeveloped roads. But with every challenge, we also received encouragement about the benefits of endurance and confidence. Clearly there are a multitude of ways in which a person can profit through podcasting, so how does anyone pick the right way? Because there are so many options, it’s easy to get stuck headed down a path that isn’t going to be successful, or perhaps stuck in the “paralysis by analysis” phase. Sometimes the hardest task can be to switch gears, to revamp or rebrand, to purchase stock in something when funds are low; but sometimes the hardest tasks now lead to some of the most amazing outcomes further down the road. We were privileged to hear from so many podcasters who experienced this and were willing to tell their stories of overcoming obstacles, not so that we can copy the way they did it… but so that we can be encouraged to endure!

Perhaps many of you regulars will know by now that I primarily consider myself a hobby-podcaster. By which I mean, I’m not interested in making a living off of podcasting; I enjoy it as a hobby. Even so, even though I’m not interested in the monetary aspects for myself, I’ve still absorbed so much more than I realized! Just by listening and investing to the stories shared on Profitcast, I have such an incredible breadth of knowledge on the topic. Several times over the last couple months I’ve been asked about podcasting and whether any money can be made by doing it. From my resevior of Profitcast knowledge, I pulled out YOUR stories. Stories about sponsorships, about Patreon, about hard work and vigilance.

But most importantly, I pulled out stories of your passion. Because no matter what methodology was adhered to, whether it was Kevin Bachelder as the first guest in episode 2 or the final guest Lisa Woodruff in episode 109, your methodology was fueled by a passion for producing something worthy of that passion. For the last couple years there has been no better place to share that passion than on Profitcast. If you need a reason to follow Brian to The Real Brian show, let me tell you now that seeking out the answer to “why do you do what you do?” will not stop here when Profitcast ends!

Before we push you out of the nest, we have two final profit and success stories to share! So hit play, sit back, and enjoy the ride! Thank you for being part of the Profitcast journey and we cannot wait to interact with you on The Real Brian Show!

Paul Sating
Seeing an audience develop before he’s launched! That’s where Paul is now, almost eight months after being a guest on Profticast. Back in December, Paul and Brian talked about leveraging a community and how Paul’s efforts toward re-branding were going to take Paul from “faking it” to “making it”. And since then Paul has learned a lot and he shares some of those lessons in his update on this final episode of Profitcast.

Dave Jackson
A couple weeks after we got Paul, the one and only Dave Jackson appeared on episode 80 with Brian! I remember this episode very well because Dave and Brian got down to the nitty-gritty of how uncomfortable conversations can often lead to the most profound breakthroughs and can pave the way toward critical things to master. Like Paul, Dave’s made some changes too! And it sounds like they’ve been for the better.

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