PC 001 | Introduction to Profitcast: What it’s all about and why I’m doing the podcast

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Profitcast FeedburnerTime to finally launch Profitcast!

This has been a podcast in the making for quite some time now and I intended to launch in May, then June, and then finally just said JULY 1st NO MATTER WHAT! So here we are!

Profitcast will be a weekly podcast, released every Tuesday (New Podcast Tuesdays!).  I’m here to help you to profit with your passion podcast and grow a large and loyal audience.  I am not an expert but I intend to become one – I’m on the journey of discovery and mastery!

About The Real Brian

I share a little about who I am and what I’ve done that directly relates to Profitcast.  I also talk about why I launched Profitcast and why it’s so important to me.  There are a few stories… and there will be more.  :)

What Profitcast is and why I’m doing it

I’ll discuss the following about Profitcast:Brian-Headshot

  • Tagline – “Where Passion Meets Profit”
  • Passion podcasters
  • Backstage Pass example
  • The nagging question – how do I make a living and pay the bills with podcasting?

The plan for Profitcast

  • I intend to research, learn, and compile all of the information out there to learn how to specifically, effectively, and successfully make money with a passion podcast and deliver it to YOU!
  • Join me on the journey – we can learn together!
  • The secondary idea here – growing a large and loyal audience
  • Not making money at expense of listener
  • Ways we can master our podcast
  • Interviewing other podcasters
  • Experimenting
  • My belief

Action vs Perfectionism

  • Why Profitcast didn’t launch sooner
  • The decision to act and move rather than perfect
  • Make decisions quickly (within reason) rather than agonizing over them
  • Be as excellent as possible but not perfect
  • Grow as we learn and master things and make things sound and look better as we are able and have the time to
  • Paralysis by analysis
  • ACT! DO IT!

Now what?

  1. Take action on the strategies discussed immediately
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Give me your feedback on the show!
  4. Sign up for the Profitcast Newsletter below!

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Resonating with Profitcast? Join the Profitcast Universe!

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  • JodeySmith -Podfreak

    Awesome first episode! So excited to follow your journey! Rock on, Brian!

    • profitcast

      Thanks Jodey! :) I hope you’ll JOIN me in the journey too!

  • Looking forward to it man. Let me know if you would like an extra guest on the show. :)

    • profitcast

      Thanks Jason! I definitely would love a guest! Tell me about your podcast!

      • You can find me over at the Connections Show in iTunes. As a life coach to the creative entrepreneurs I interview highlighted artists about creativity, authenticity, confidence, and freedom. I also share my insights from my personal journey of Sleep Deprived to Fully Alive.

  • Robert

    Downloaded this 1st episode within a few days of it being published and just got around to listening to it today (July 31). Two words…GREAT STUFF

    Brian, you bring a unique value to the podcast market. I really dig your comparison to Pat Flynn… what Pat brought to passive income, you’re bringing to podcasting.

    What’s the top highlights of your podcast? I could easily say subject matter. But even the best topic can be a snoozer if the person sounds like the Econ professor from Ferris Bueller (“Bueller, Bueller, Bueller”)

    So what’s the hook for me? AWESOME intro! You got the beats jamming, which hooks the listener. And when I heard your voice talent, I knew you had to have some sort of radio background. That is something that I’d appreciate knowing how to do (project excitement, keep the listeners attention, active voice).

    Again, you’ve got a solid topic and you keep the listener interested with good humor, anecdotes, interesting points, ACTIVE voice, and you keep the podcast flowing from beginning to end.

    Do I have a podcast? Not yet. Like every entrepreneur-dreamer, I’ve been working on it :) I’ve got to stop thinking about “perfection” and JUST DO IT (ala’ Nike, right).

    Anyway, I’m hooked on the Profitcast Podcast. Keep them coming! You’ve got a loyal listener, follower, and taking notes.



    • profitcast

      Thank you Rob for the awesome encouragement and feedback! Man, I feel super encouraged right now! :D

      You know, Pat Flynn was the first podcast I listened to consistently and I always loved his approach to business through podcasting. He inspired me and he’s always felt so genuine.

      So here are my thoughts:
      1) I would love to help in the project excitement, listener attention, active voice, etc. I will add these to a future episode topic – very important and something I’ll be happy to cover. In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions you have as we move forward.

      2) What is your podcast topic idea(s) right now? I agree – perfection will prevent you from ever moving forward. Jason and Jeremy of Internet Business Mastery put it this way: “Progress, not perfection.” :) Keep moving and the excellence will come naturally!

      3) Thank you! Honored to have you a part of this journey!!


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