PC 002 | Interview with Kevin Bachelder: Developing a Consistent Loyalty With Your Listeners

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Profitcast FeedburnerDo you want loyal listeners? We’ve got a secret…

We all want a loyal audience with our podcast. We even wouldn’t mind that being a large, loyal audience. Heck, it’d be nice to make some money with our podcasts too!

As I delve into the task of discovering the secrets behind growing a large and loyal audience and generating income with our podcasts, I am seeking out other podcasters to see what their strategies and experiences are.

My Crazy Theory

My theory is, regardless of whether you’re a young podcaster or a super-experienced podcaster, you’ve got at least one, if not more, nugget of wisdom that will help all of us in developing a large and loyal audience and having the privilege of generating income with our podcast.

That brings us to our very FIRST interview! I’m excited to talk with Kevin Bachelder about podcasting, growing a loyal audience, and even the aspect of making money with your podcast. He’s got some incredible gems to share!

About Kevin

KevinHeadshotKevin aka The Podcast Overlord first became involved with podcasting in 2005 due to a huge interest in Sci fi which started in the early 70s watching the original Star Trek series reruns. That passion led to him participating in multiple other podcasts and starting Tuning Into Sci Fi shortly after.

Nine years later, Kevin has the opportunity to also host Saturday B Movie Reel, a few TV Talk shows, and participate as a panelist and leader of DragonCon.

Kevin is an incredible example of someone who podcasts about his passions, grows his podcasts successfully, and every time he gets behind the microphone, he massively impacts his listeners.

The Podcast Overlord Speaketh

  • How Kevin, his co-hosts, and team members grew intense and consistent loyalty from their listeners with shows of hundreds of listeners, shows with thousands of listeners, and even one show with more than 10,000 listeners
  • Tips and strategies for listener interaction that will guarantee they become fans
  • How podcasters, and even introverts, can grow their listenership and fan base
  • The secret for preventing podfade and discouragement. How to make sure your podcast will weather the storms.
  • A powerful strategy to a common money-making option and advice on how to use it respectfully

What Now?

  1. Take action on the strategies discussed immediately
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Check out Kevin’s podcasts – Tuning Into Sci Fi
  4. If you like Kevin’s podcasts, give him some love and rate and review his podcast on iTunes
  5. Give me your feedback on the show!

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  • Sarah Fernandezlopez

    Y’all mentioned something about a podcasting conference in Dallas. What was that? I live in Houston, so I’d definitely be interested in something so close!! Maybe a link in the show notes?

    • Sarah Fernandezlopez
      • profitcast

        I’m glad!! I will definitely link the show notes from here on out! Thanks!!

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