PC 006 | Interview with Jason Cabassi of the Walking Dead Cast – 15,000 listeners and Profit

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Profitcast FeedburnerGrowing from 20 listeners to more than 15,000 listeners per episode and profiting on top of that!

I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Jason Cabassi of the Walking Dead Cast (at the time, the number 1 Walking Dead Podcast out there).  Jason, and his co-host Karen, started this podcast before the Walking Dead TV show even was released, covering the original comics.

At the time, they had 20 listeners per episode.  Today, they have between 15,000 and 20,000 listeners PER episode!  They are monetizing their podcast and, today, Jason shares what he’s done and learned along the way.

He’s got some great strategies for connecting with your listeners, monetizing your podcast, and succeeding the TRUEST sense of the word.

About Jason and the Walking Dead Cast

Jason has a long-held and vague childhood memory of teenagers stepping gingerly out of a church, creeping into the dark woods, naively believing they might be safe, only to be encircled and then engulfed by shambling rotted corpses, arms outstretched. It was on TV. You can ask him about it at jason@walkingdeadcast.com.

The Walking Dead ‘Cast is a podcast dedicated to the hit AMC TV show, The Walking Dead (surprise!), based on Robert Kirkman’s long-running and excellent comic book series. We also cover the latest zombie news around the world and other topics related to the undead. The Walking Dead ‘Cast is hosted by Jason and Karen, two zombies. I mean, zombie fans.

Stuff we chatted about in this episode!

Jason with Emma Bell (Amy of The Walking Dead)

Jason with Emma Bell (Amy of The Walking Dead)

  • Do interview that fit your niche
  • Choose a good name for your podcast
  • Make it fun/passion before the money
  • Jump in with both feet in order to make money
  • Competition is good for growth
  • Listener interaction/engagement is essential
  • Connection is what determines success!
  • Goal is to first serve the needs of the listeners
  • Acted as if they had a huge audience (professionalism)
  • High quality show from the start – good mics, good music/production, etc.
  • Make friends with other podcasters in your niche
  • Amazon affiliate link
  • Contacting companies of products you use to become an affiliate or a sponsor
  • Sponsors/products that are related to the listeners
  • Persistence with reaching out to sponsors
  • Talk about what you have as a podcaster that can benefit the sponsor (engaged and “captive” audience)
  • Bring your personality – be yourself!

Action Steps

  1. Take action on the strategies discussed immediately – I say this every week, but we are LEARNING IMPORTANT STUFF!! :)
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Check out the Walking Dead Cast with Jason and Karen
  4. If you resonated with what Jason talked about and love what he and Karen are doing, rate and review their podcast on iTunes HERE!
  5. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!
  6. Get busy becoming PROFITABLE! Let’s make an IMPACT with our podcasts!

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