PC 007 | Interview with Dan Franks of Podcast Movement – Networking, Passion, Community, and Monetization

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Profitcast FeedburnerI sat down with Dan Franks on this episode of Profitcast and WOW! Incredible conversation about Podcast Movement coming up and the value of conferences, networking and building relationships, community, passion, and more.

Dan’s journey as a businessman, entrepreneur, and podcaster is inspiring and also helpful as we continue to learn how to grow and monetize our podcasts.

We’ll be talking about strategies that are not only important for *investing* in your podcast, but also help with thinking outside of the box for growing your large and loyal audience and monetizing your podcast.

About Dan Franks

Dan has been working in the tax field for more than five years, with the past three focused almost exclusively on working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. His passion is helping those who are great at whatever it is that they do with the accounting side of their business, which is often times the least of their concerns.

He’s a full time CPA at Beaird Harris & Co. in Dallas, TX.

Additionally, Dan is a lifetime serial entrepreneur, and has always been a self starter that takes the proverbial bull by the horns.  He’s launched two podcasts, PodMov University, and the first annual Podcast Movement conference specifically for podcasters.

Stuff we chatted about in this episode!

  • Podcast Movement
  • The benefits of conferences
  • Attending a conference to invest in your podcast
  • Networking and connecting with other podcasters and building relationships that last
  • Involving community and listening audience whether online or offline
  • Local involvement
  • Utilizing local and independent musicians to bring music and cross-promotion
  • Have a guest co-host each week to help with the show and promote the show to THEIR people!
  • Podcasting is focused – 600 listeners, for example, in a niched podcast is tremendous for sponsorships
  • Looking at creative ways to monetize rather than just the “old school” way of thinking (CPM, etc.)
  • We don’t always know specifically what we’re getting into – but hit record, get started, and have fun on the journey!

Action Steps

  1. What can you apply now to your podcast in order to take the next step?
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Check out Dan Franks, his site, and Podcast Movement below!
  4. If you resonated with what Dan talked about and love what he is doing, rate and review his podcast on iTunes HERE!
  5. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!
  6. Get busy becoming PROFITABLE! Let’s make an IMPACT with our podcasts!

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