PC 008 | Interview with Christian Psencik of Prolific Success – Automation, Listener Engagement Tips, Podcast Co-Hosting

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Profitcast FeedburnerWe got a chance to talk with one of the speakers of Podcast Movement coming up THIS WEEK!  Christian Psencik of Prolific Success and the Days Drama Podcast discusses his cool successes and tips of engaging effectively with his listeners, what he’ll be talking about at Podcast Movement, and some really helpful automation tips for businesses and podcasters!

I also talk about some of the thoughts I have up until now with Profitcast and a check-in on the direction of 1) monetizing our podcasts, 2) growing a large and loyal audience of listeners, and 3) the prerequisites necessary to accomplish steps 1 and 2.

Plus an idea I have for evaluating other podcasts… interested?  :)

About Christian Psencik

Christian Psencik uses his 10+ years as an IT Specialist to make the complex world of tech simple and teach entrepreneurs how to use automation in their online businesses. Using tools like IFTTT, Dropbox, Evernote, Asana, and many others allow them more free time, more flexibility, more creativity, and ultimately more success in their business and podcast!

Christian also co-hosts the daily podcast, “Days Drama: The Days Of Our Lives Soap Opera Podcast” with his wife Vin.

What’s discussed in this episode!Christian Psencik of Prolific Success

  • Podcast Movement
  • What Christian will be talking about on his panel at Podcast Movement
  • Some neat specific strategies for engaging with your listeners and making them feel like rockstars!
  • What Christian is doing with Prolific Success
  • Automation tools for businesses
  • Automation tools for podcasters

Action Steps

  1. What can you apply now to your podcast in order to take the next step?
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Check out Christian’s websites and podcast below!
  4. Check out Christian’s videos and eBook as he releases them!
  5. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!
  6. Get busy becoming PROFITABLE! Let’s make an IMPACT with our podcasts!

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