PC 013 | Interview with Matt Theriault of The Do Over Podcast and more – Knowing what your listeners want, great content, podcasts creating business

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Profitcast FeedburnerProfitcast’s LUCKY 13! I have some INCREDIBLE content and massive success that our guest, Matt Theriault, will share with you and how he did it!

Matt Theriault, also known as the Do Over Guy, from the Do Over Podcast, The Epic Real Estate Podcast, and the Body Do Over Podcast.

Matt has a POWERFUL story from working in the music industry to having to bag groceries for $7/hr to finding what he loves to do and where his strengths were, now making 7 figures with his current business.  Not only will his journey inspire you, but he will be sharing some actionable tips and strategies on how we can take our podcasts to an impactful and successful result!

About Matt Theriault

Matt Theriault is the guy behind both the Your Do Over and Epic Real Estate Investing podcasts on iTunes.Matt_Theriault

His podcast Do Over is a personal development show with more than 40k downloads a month. He started this show as a way to market his book, Do Over. Lessons about himself, the human condition, business and sustainable wealth creation were so abundant, poignant and profound during his “come back” journey that Matt felt compelled to write about them in his first book.

Matt’s podcast Epic Real Estate Investing is consistently in the top 10 of What’s Hot in business podcasts on iTunes. His show is downloaded over 90-100k times per month and is a successful marketing tool for his real estate investing business, Cash Flow Savvy.

His most recent show is Body Do Over. This is a health and fitness podcast about simplifying weight loss in the effort of making results permanent. Matt co-hosts this with fitness expert, John Schaefer of Cut Method. Matt is the guy losing weight, and John’s the expert! That show quickly grew to 100k downloads a month in 2 months and has an active membership community at BodyDoOver.com.

What it is!

  • Commitment to podcast – how much time it takes
  • Finding a role model who has ACCOMPLISHED what you want to accomplish
  • Became the guinea pig
  • Passion really drove his fitness podcast to number 1 – the journey
  • Sometimes while waiting for a helping hand, you just need to get up and take action yourself
  • Once you make a decision, things can happen fast
  • Investing in yourself and your business
  • Podcasting gave Matt a voice – sharing his book on the show – changing lives
  • Real Estate Podcast exploded from day 1 because PEOPLE WANTED IT and TOLD Matt they wanted it!!!
  • Membership site – opened it and made $50,000-60,000 the first weekend!
  • The podcast created the business.  Couldn’t have without the podcast.
  • Do NOT go in trying to get money from your listeners – they’ll sniff it out and hate you for it
  • If you’re not entertaining or content-heavy, you won’t succeed
  • Make that long-term commitment and start RIGHT NOW!
    • Giving, selfless, helpful, transparent, unique content
    • Gary Vaynerchuk – give, give, give, then ask
    • Had a whole year of giving (with his Do Over podcast) before creating the business
    • Be OK with giving away free info!
    • We are here to educate, give, and help people
    • 80% will take it and never pay
    • 10% will pay some – resonate, etc. (DIY part of the business)
    • The last 10% will pay you for ALL of it (you do it for them) (Service-oriented part of the business)
    • BE consistent!  COMMITTED to what you set out to do.
    • “The Dip” by Seth Godin
    • Persistence pushes your way through the dips of get through…
    • Don’t worry about the competition
    • Be authentic and genuine and transparent with your listeners

Action Steps!

  1. Ok – success time – let me know what successes you’ve made this week
  2. NEXT WEEK – 1) Solo episode? If so, what do you want me to talk about? OR 2) Interview our next guest?
  3. What MOST impacted you this week?
  4. Check out Matt, his podcasts, and his book in the links below!
  5. Connect with Matt on Twitter!
  6. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!
  7. Get busy becoming PROFITABLE! Let’s make an IMPACT with our podcasts!

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