PC 015 | Interview with Nick Gelso – Establishing Credibility, Quality and Essential Connections, and Podcast Revenue Streams

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Profitcast FeedburnerIt’s Profitcast’s 15th Episode! Today, Nick Gelso joins me to discuss establishing credibility, quality and essential connections, and podcast revenue streams to name a few of the topics discussed.

I also share one huge secret to massive success with your podcast (and anything for that matter).  I’ll be going into a lot more detail on that in next week’s episode!

I invite you to share your podcasting journey and what you’ve experimented with and seen results with!  CLICK HERE to contact me!

Nick Gelso

Nick Gelso is the Founding Partner and CEO of North Station Media, CLNS Radio. Nick has been covering the NBA and Boston Celtics since 2008. He has locker room experience and is an accomplished NBA columnist and radio personality. He’s appeared on Boston radio, Las Vegas television, ESPNBoston, CBS Sports. He is also co-host of CLNSRadio’s flagship production, the Celtics Late Night Show.Nick Gelso - Profitcast Episode 15

Additionally, Nick co-hosts Beats & Eats Podcast (WHICH they GRACIOUSLY interviewed me on last week!!  CLICK HERE to hear the show.  We got intense about the podcast industry and brought up some good conversation points that I’d love to hear your thoughts on.  Beats & Eats hosts podcasts from Hell’s Kitchen Chefs’ Barret Beyer & Anthony Rodriguez. Actors such as Lydia Cornell and Matt Fahey. Hell’s Kitchen Chef Dan Ryan hosts a reddit-based, pop-culture podcast. Chopped Chef, Rob Burmeister & Hell’s Kitchen Chef, Clemenza host the culinary-comedy podcast, “Chewing the Fat with Big and Beefy.”

Nick also is a podcast coach and consults with quite a few actors and celebrities.

The Playbook

  • Having ONE day available for interviews will cause you to be taken more seriously by interviewees/publicists
  • Know your boundaries
  • Create demand
  • Wake up and LOVE WHAT YOU DO!
  • On-demand world
  • Podcasting gives us the opportunity to be a part of our listeners’ lives
  • If we don’t improve EVERY single show, hang it up
  • Constantly have to be “evolving” with a strong RSS feed, tags, etc. to be on top of the game
  • Quality connections are SO important
  • After having guests on, re-engage with them!
  • Your guests’ social media following is HUGE
  • Audience engagement
  • Tapped into 5 revenue streams
  • Big goal and then realistic tiered goals
  • Identifying 10 revenue streams
  • Market research and Investigation
  • Need resources and discipline to do the research – sometimes it means to pay people to do it
  • Podcast MUST be good first with EXCELLENT content
  • If you’re starting out and ask to make money initially, it’s the wrong order
  • Hone your skills as a podcaster and hone your content – A MAIN GOAL
  • Build your brand and who you are as a podcaster FIRST
  • Build infrastructure and community before monetization
  • Podcast has to be a certain threshold in order to make big money
  • You CAN make money in the podcasting industry

Action Steps!

  1. Listen to Beats and Eats – check it out – profitcastuniverse.com/nick – let me know what you thought of the episode they had me on.  Interesting topics brought up.  FYI – explicit language.
  2. Take one action step and begin establishing credibility (or more)
  3. What one way can you connect with another person or people this week and build some quality relationships?
  4. Pick 1 revenue stream and begin working on it today
  5. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!

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    I literally laughed out loud at your Brian/Flare clip.

    • profitcast

      HA! :D You do want to express yourself, right? :)

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