PC 016 | Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

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Profitcast FeedburnerI have 3 important strategies we all need to master for our podcasts.  Without these 3 strategies, most other marketing strategies will be extremely difficult to implement.

I also wanted to get us back to the root of why Profitcast started in the first place:

To take that journey with YOU on how to make money with our podcasts and grow our audiences.

Getting Back to the Root of Profitcast

When I started Profitcast, the intention was to take the journey of learning how to monetize our podcasts and grow our listening community.  We sort of veered away from that “journey” and did more interviews.Profitcast Episode 16 Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

The interviews have been GREAT and I’m thankful for each and every one of you.  But I also want to make sure I’m reporting in as the “journal” type show as we go on this journey together.

That includes the successes AND failures of how to make money with our podcasts and how to grow our audiences.

3 Strategies We All Need to Master

1) CONTENT that delivers exceptional value

2) Presentation (or talent) / “entertainment” value

3) Surrounding yourself with the right people / Networking / building relationships

Action Steps – PLEASE send me an e-mail or voice message answering these questions:

1) Why do you listen to Profitcast?

2) Is there anything specific of value that Profitcast delivers to you?

3) Are there any specific topics you’d like to see me focus more on?


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  • Sarah Fernandezlopez

    1) I enjoy listening to like minded people talk about podcasting. For so many, what started with podcasting about a passion turned into a passion for podcasting itself.

    2) I enjoy the different viewpoints, though it can be conflicting. Though that in and of itself may indicate that there are many paths, not necessarily a right or wrong.
    3) Seeking advertisers. Many guests have made it sound like this is a bad thing. I’d like to know why that perception exists and if it’s true. Maybe specifically a conversation about libsyn ads since that’s a common hosting platform.

    • profitcast

      Sarah! Thank you again for your reply! :) I REALLY appreciate it. I think your point in 2 really shows that I’ve either not been asking the right questions OR, like you said, different viewpoints that have worked for each interviewee. I’m going to get to the bottom of it though!

      This week’s Profitcast with Rob and Elsie from Libsyn will address your question #3! :)

  • Been listening to you since day one and as I said to you on twitter just your confidence alone has been hugely beneficial too me. Showed me to get up and just do it.

    1) Why do I listen
    You for a start, you have a great presence. Your interviews are really interesting and insightful and I have learned a lot from hearing how others are going about it, and to hear how you are approaching this.

    2) What value do I get
    Besides the entertainment on my drive too and from work, I get an insight into how other people are going to about building up their podcasts, and how they are approaching profiting from the thing they love. I want to be able to do that, and you are helping me get there.

    3) What do I want to see you focus on
    We have had a lot of great interviews I would like to see you putting this stuff into action and trying things out. Failing as well as succeeding. Talking about how you might approach sponsors, how that goes, how you are growing your email list, advertising you are doing, what other things you are doing to monetise this very blog (and suck the cash out of my pocket).

    Knowing you are an IBM’er what is your hook, what is your ascension ladder? Are they working? What is your thinking? Are you going to coach? Are you going to have a course? I am sure some of that is going to feel like letting people look behind the curtain but I’m sure they would love to see your thinking.

    Hope that helps. Love the show.
    Keep up the great work

    • profitcast

      Andrew, man thank you so much for your comments! REALLY appreciate your feedback! I really appreciate your comment on confidence. I had an interesting revelation on Friday about confidence… I’m going to share ALL about it on the Oct. 28 Profitcast episode. I hope it helps.

      I’m already compiling the info to present starting NEXT week (on the same episode) sharing what action I’ve taken, steps, process, successes, failures, etc. So you’ve got it! But please let me know, as we move forward, if there’s anything you’d also like me to share just in case I miss it.

      Great question on hook, ascension ladder, etc. I’ve been giving all of this a LOT of thought and I’ll share some of it on next week’s episode as well. This has also been an interesting process. I’m thinking an IBM/Pat Flynn/Brian hybrid… :)

      Thanks again, Andrew!

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