PC 017 | Interview with Dave Jackson – Creating Content your Listeners WANT, Tips on Building Loyal Relationships

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Profitcast FeedburnerDave Jackson from School of Podcasting is on the HOT SEAT today on episode 17 of Profitcast! What a great guy with LOTS of great information and perspective!!

We talk about quite a bit about some great strategies and mindsets for growing your podcast.  Seriously – great information from Dave including creating content your listeners actually WANT, getting to really KNOW your listeners, tips on building quality and loyal relationships, and, of course, a lot more!

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Dave Jackson – School of Podcasting

Podcasting since April of 2005, Dave’s podcast about podcasting has been downloaded over 1 million times. He’s helped hundreds of people launch podcasts. Dave has multiple podcasts and websites including powerofpodcasting.com, morepodcastmoney.com, weeklywebtools.com, logicalloss.com, feedingmyfaith.com, growyourchurchshow.com,  marketingmusician.comProfitcast - Dave Jackson

Dave has spoken at many marketing and media conventions including New Media Expo, Blog World, Erma Bombeck Writing Workshops, Podcamp Columbus, Podcamp Cleveland, Podcamp Cincinnati, and the Business of Writing Summit. He is also author of the book “More Podcast Money.”

School’s In!

  • “Who’s gonna listen to me?”
  • We each have valuable content that we think we’re the only ones that have that quirky knowledge
  • Feedly – getting feeds from sources to apply to your topic
  • Then networking with that person that wrote the article and building relationships
  • “Names, not numbers”
  • Answer EVERY e-mail!
  • Keep the conversation going on e-mail – follow up with questions to that listener.
  • 1 download at a time
  • Step 1 – figure out who your audience is
  • Step 2 – make content they WANT
  • Step 3 – Get to KNOW your audience (add value to THEM first)
  • CONNECT with your audience
  • Fast success might be hitting at a place that you’re not at:
  • i.e. More money in the bank – buying FB ads, etc.
  • i.e. More time than you
  • i.e. No debt
  • Stop comparing yourself to others because they’re at a difference place than you
  • Zig Ziglar – “If you help enough people get what they want… then, eventually, you’ll get what you want.”
  • Can make more money sometimes with affiliates than with sponsorships using the CPM model
  • Finding the RIGHT product that FITS your listeners
  • Tell everyone you’re an expert and eventually you’ll become one
  • Back it up, BECOME that expert
  • eBook – get podcast episodes transcribed and put it into a conversational book


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