PC 103 | What Benefit Do You Offer?

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Profitcast FeedburnerNot long ago I came across a word math meme that simply said: Underestimating Time + Overestimating Capacity = Being Overwhelmed. Living in an on-the-go culture, as we do, underestimating time is such an easy thing to do. We think we have more than we do, we always need more than we have, and it never rolls over into the next month. If we were to do a study about why people do or do not listen to podcasts (or certain podcasts) or even why they would or would not buy into a product/service being offered, I’d hazard a guess that being overwhelmed with life is a top reason. “I’ve got too much going on to try that new thing.” Or… “I know I have to spend a little money to make a little money, but I’m too overwhelmed with bills to even consider it.”

Even if someone’s current routine is inefficient, they will more likely stay with the way things are rather than risk screwing up something that works for something that might work. Or, maybe that’s just me?

Brian hits on a lot of points this week that we’ve heard in various places, perhaps some things we’ve been concerned about, but it’s stuff that we desperately need to keep in the forefront of our minds. We can provide an excellent product, entertainment, resources, advice (and so on and so forth) and yet still see no returns on that investment from our listener base. Why? I have information people want, I have experience very few other people have. Why am I not seeing profit?

It’s not me, it’s them.

In all seriousness, it is them. But it’s an issue that stands between me and every listener. Each individual brings their own baggage, their own capacity, their own threshold for input, before hitting the play button on your podcast. It is my responsibility to reduce that barrier that stands between me and the people I’m speaking to. We’ve talked in previous weeks about the importance of not just providing a podcast that we, ourselves, love… but one that will bring value, edification, encouragement, education, etc. to the listener.

At some point, we need to align the passion and desire we have for producing a podcast with the benefit it will provide to others. If you’re looking to make money with your podcast, then this is something that absolutely must be understood when heading into business. It isn’t a general, vague idea of what could possibly bring about benefit, it’s having a plan, understanding your capabilities, and finding a way to insert yourself between the margin of another person’s inability to estimate time and capacity. When we don’t obviate a stressor, or at least help to reduce some, we fall victim to the pile of podcast episodes that will be listened to when “life calms down a bit”.

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