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Profitcast FeedburnerWho is your podcast really about? Is it all about you? Is it all about your listeners? This is the topic Brian tackles in this week’s episode of Profitcast! Reminding us of Brian Ibbot’s mantra, “Listeners come for the content and stay for the host,” The Real Brian takes a closer look at what this shocking and outrageous statement, that our podcast is ALL about us, is really getting at! It seems that there is a healthy balance between acknowledging our listeners deserve respect and that our content should honor the reason they found us in the first place while also realizing that, ultimately, without us there would be no podcast.

Crazy, right? A balance?

As I’m not one for drawing attention to myself, this aspect of podcasting has always been one that I’ve been less keen to embrace. There is a great degree of self-promotion involved, but I often forget that within this self-promotion there is a continuum of personalities that interpret this as anything from conceited arrogance to authentic realism. As I, and most people, dislike the former, I disregard it altogether — which is neither healthy nor helpful! At least for a time, perhaps when we’re just getting going, if we don’t toot our own horn, build up our image and reach out to a greater array of people, we are relying on mere chance to be noticed. There are some who look at self-promotion through the lens of, “People need to know I’m the greatest!” There are some who look at it through the lens of, “I have this incredible idea and I just want to share it with the world.”

What I enjoy about Brian’s perspective, and general attitude toward his podcasts, is that he draws a distinction when owning the “My Podcast is About Me” perspective. It is about us to the extent that our listeners are choosing to hear about our topic (or discussion or analysis) filtered through our own world-view, which is important in making us unique. Our personal narrative should, hopefully, add value to the listening experience. The disconnect seems to come from when we lose sight of how we are to add value to our listeners. But as passion podcasters, when we keep our eyes on the driving force behind our mission and purpose, it should be a reciprocal relationship between using our world-view to impact others and allowing others’ world-view to impact us.

What do you think? Is it a dangerous notion to believe “my podcast is all about me”? Or is it necessary to enable us to retain our identity? Sound off in the comments!

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