PC 106 | Profit and Success Stories Part 1

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Profitcast FeedburnerIt’s a bittersweet installment of Profitcast this week. As excited as we all are for The Real Brian Show to begin and for Brian to let the Real Brian loose, there will be many things to miss about Profitcast. In the words of Geoffrey Chaucer, the late 14th Century poet who knew how to write about love and loss, “All good things must come to an end.” (That’s from Troilus and Criseyde if you’re looking for some light summer reading.) Unlike the tragedies of our favorite dead poets and playwrights, the saga of The Real Brian will continue! This is real life, people.

Success Stories Part 1

To commemorate the incredible journey of Profitcast and to celebrate successes, as we like to do here, we’re going to spend the final episodes checking in with those fabulous individuals who’ve sat in the co-host seat next to Brian.

Troy Heinritz
We first heard from Troy in episode 10, when Under the Dome was still a thing and The Blacklist Exposed was just a blip on the Internet’s radar. Troy has some awesome news to share about how his television podcast grew beyond his own imaginings.

Jason Cabassi
Before Troy, there was Jason. Yes, it was all the way back at the end of July in 2014 when we first heard from Jason in episode 6. Brian and Jason chatted about growing a podcast’s listener base, and now Jason has some updates about how his love for podcasting has opened up many incredible doors in the form of Walker Stalker Conventions and how it encouraged him to launch his own network.

Rich, The Armchair Ninja
More recently than either Troy or Jason, we got to hear from Rich of The Armchair Ninja podcast in episode 87. Extreme hustle was the name of that game, and Rich also has an amazing story of the success he’s seen and the benefits he’s reaped from niching down, pursuing his passion, and unashamedly loving what he does.

Kevin “The Podcast Overlord”
Last, but certainly not least, is Kevin Bachelder of Tuning Into Sci-Fi TV, Arrow Squad and, most recently, Tales of The Black Badge. We first heard from Kevin in episode 2! He was Brian’s first official guest. Though I count it a privilege to podcast with Kevin on a regular basis over at Arrow Squad, I am beyond thrilled to see the success that has come with his podcast about the Syfy show Wynonna Earp. Have you heard the stories about a podcast taking off? About a true fandom rallying for an exciting new series? About writers, producers, show runners and actors volunteering their time to come on the show? Well, you’re about to.

Send in your success stories!

Be like Troy, Jason and Rich and send in your success story! Even if you weren’t on Profitcast, you have been part of Profitcast and we count you as one of the family. How have things changed in the last two years for you? What successes have you seen? What lessons have you learned?


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