PC 107 | Profit and Success Stories Part 2

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Profitcast FeedburnerThese Profit and Success Stories from previous guests on Profitcast have been like a colorful montage of the podcast’s run. I was thinking about montages I’ve seen recently… and whether they’ve been at a wedding or a birthday party or someone just taking a few minutes to show me a slideshow of their recent vacation, I always seem to find myself with this big, goofy grin on my face as I watch an experience unfold before my eyes. And that’s what Profitcast has been. It’s been an experience. The Profitcast Experience is something we can live and relive because even though the episodes in our archives capture a very specific moment in time, we know that the story goes beyond what we have captured for posterity. The adventures and passion live on!

The Real Brian Show

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Profit and Success Stories Part 2

This week we hear from four incredible guests with four incredible ventures. While last week the common theme was success via television show podcasts, this week we cover a lot more ground with a lot of different takeaways.

Jen Briney
We heard from Jen Briney, of Congressional Dish, back in episode 48. Brian and Jen talked about effective non-marketing methods to grow a podcast, and in this update Jen is excited to share that her efforts have paid off! She’s no longer sitting in the back of seminars at Podcast Movement, scribbling notes on a pad. She’s in the thick of it, making her mark on podcasting and giving back to the larger community by sharing what she’s learned.

Daniel Jay Lewis
The Professor of Podcasting himself shares what’s been going on in the School of Podcasting, and the DJL world, since his appearance on episode 20 of Profitcast. He met goals, he learned what worked, what didn’t work. He built relationships. He saw his income increase. But perhaps most importantly, he learned how to say No to some things in order to say Yes to others. A takeaway we all need to hear from time to time, right?

Wayne Henderson
By far my favorite sports podcaster, I’ve been following Wayne and the Packers Fan Podcast for years and it has been a blast to see the podcast and the opportunities he and Troy get continue to grow. Football podcasts are some of the hardest to acquire support for from the organizations that run the major institution, particularly for a team like the Packers, but Wayne and Troy have a blast anyway and have been able to take advantage of some incredible opportunities. Wayne was on Profitcast way back in episode 3!

Erica Duran
One of the coolest stories, by far, is Erica’s. Not only does she reveal the web of inspiration her podcast has inspired amongst her listeners since appearing on Profitcast in episode 89, she also shares some amazing tips about what she’s learned through this process. Through sponsorships and a wee bit of tweaking, she’s helping her clients and seeing their success.

Send in your success stories!

Be like Troy, Jason and Rich and send in your success story! Even if you weren’t on Profitcast, you have been part of Profitcast and we count you as one of the family. How have things changed in the last two years for you? What successes have you seen? What lessons have you learned?


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  • Robert Gelinas

    Looking forward to The Real Brian Show!

    Any chance that you would do a final episode of ProfitCast where you outline your business plan & profit strategy for your new show? Would love to see how you are taking everything you’ve learned here and are now putting it into practice in your new endeavor.


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