PC 108 | Profit and Success Part 3

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This week we have two fantastic updates to share with you all, and some commentary, of course. Sit back and enjoy the wonderful wisdom of our two profit and success stories!

Noah Lugeons
From $1200/episode to $2400/episode, Noah Lugeons has come a long way since we last heard from him in episode 36. Back in Noah’s episode, he and Brian talked strategies for using Patreon and how it has worked for Noah. Since then he’s put in a heck of a lot of work, brought in a lot of talent, and, most importantly, kept at it. Congrats Noah!

Nick Gelso
The discipline to stop working, while working from home, is still a challenge for Nick, who we first heard from in episode 15, but he’s learned a lot from some mistakes and has some helpful tips for us… like scheduling one day for recording and forcing people to work around your schedule. Nick shares some updates on his networ, Beats and Eats (not weekly anymore, but is seeing growth in spite of it), CLNS Radio (more visual aspects has been driving viewers to the podcast), and podcast consultations.

Send in your success stories!

We’ll have one more week of stories! The intention was to share 4 stories this week, but there was a lot to cover between Nick and Noah’s stories. So there’s still time! Brian will keep producing these update podcasts while you keep sending in content!

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