PC 109 | Empathy and Transparency with Lisa Woodruff

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Profitcast FeedburnerWelcome back to the penultimate episode of Profitcast! Before we close this chapter of the Profitcast journey, Brian sits down to chat with Lisa Woodruff, a professional organizer and host of Professional Organizer’s Think Tank (P.O.T. Tank). Lisa’s journey goes back 8 years and she shares the passion behind what she does and why she does it.

The Real Brian Show

To kick things off this episode, Brian re-addresses the question he got last week about the business plan he’s utilizing for the show. As you can imagine, it isn’t a traditional business plan, but Brian’s approach is intentional as he seeks to defy odds and squash preconceptions about what is possible with an objective that has more to do with entertainment and encouragement than education. Industries exist whose sole purpose is to provide entertainment, and many of those subscribers make a decent living off of that lifestyle! So let’s open that can of worms together and figure out how to make it possible for everyone!

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Empathy and Transparency

Lisa‘s story is fun because it is full of refined advice that comes from a vast amount of experience, and that’s basically the premise for the majority of the work Lisa does. From her blogs to her business to her podcast, she seeks to guide others to success by providing insight from intimate experience, by demonstrating empathy through transparency, and encouragement through the sharing of stories.

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