PC 19 | OH NO! We Suck Again!

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Profitcast FeedburnerOk we really don’t suck… again.  Today I have the journey you’ve all been asking me to share!  So I delve into what’s been going on, some of the learning moments, strategies, successes, failures, mindsets, etc.

Most of my journey over the last couple of weeks was mindset and really making sure my approach with Profitcast, and everything else I’m working on, was correct.

I also share 2… wait 3! things that are PARAMOUNT to us succeeding with our podcasts.

Profitcast’s Journey This Week

  • Last week we talked about content – would you even listen to your OWN podcast?
  • Who is your avatar/ideal listener?  Define that person!
  • Presentation – Are you Entertaining or Boring?
  • Growing your podcast and listener base and monetizing it is a LOT more in-depth than I think we all sometimes thinkCONFIDENCE
  • You can’t JUST podcast about your passion and the money and listeners will follow
  • You can’t JUST podcast about your passion and the money and listeners will follow
  • Realistically, this is a journey… it’s involved… it can be long…
  • Business/Education vs. Non-business/entertainment
  • “Guinea Pig” tests:
    • Arrow Squad
    • My friend’s Business
  • What I’m trying

2 er… 3 Things (powerful word, eh?) That Are ESSENTIAL To Succeeding With Our Podcasts


We need confidence in ourselves and in our podcasts!  Do we believe in ourselves and our podcasts?  Do we believe we really have what it takes?


Bright shiny objects don’t help us.  We MUST laser-focus on our one thing that really matters, helps others, and has the best chance of success.

3) Paralysis By Analysis

Less Talk, More Action!

Action Step – PLEASE send me an e-mail or voice message:

1) Are you REALLY confident in yourself and in your podcast?  Let me know!

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  • Eric Walker

    Brian, We were in the same A-Z course, with one difference. I have yet to launch my podcast! I think you’ll get a kick out of the following observation. I’m in the process of reinventing myself as a Christian Life Coach, but I’ve been stuck in paralysis by analysis mode you spoke of in the podcast. So in August I decided to invest $1000 and attend Dan Miller’s 2 day Coaching with Excellence conference in Nashville. Only one problem, as it turned out I already knew everything that was taught! Seriously, I could easily have presented the entire 2 day seminar with what I already knew! So my very valuable take-away was the realization that I already knew way too much not to be moving!

    • profitcast

      Eric! Man GREAT to hear from you!! Thank you so much for sharing. Isn’t it amazing that we already know more than we think and believe that we do? Then, with that comes a lack of confidence in believing that we know enough to actually help another person! I’m SO glad you’ve come to this revelation and am REALLY excited to hear what happens with this and the launch of your podcast! Ok, so I have to ask – what’s the launch date? You’ve now set one, right? :D Also, one thing I noticed when doing some keyword searches for “podcast” and a few other words, one common keyword phrase kept coming up in the higher searches = “Christian podcast.” SO… take advantage of those keywords when you do launch! And keep me posted! :)

  • profitcast

    Thanks Sarah! Can’t wait to listen to this episode! I like how you think! :)

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