PC 20 | Interview with Daniel J. Lewis – Do you use storytelling in your podcast?

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Profitcast FeedburnerThere really are, primarily, two types of podcasts: The Educational podcast (how-to, teaching, coaching, instructional, etc.) or the Entertainment podcast (TV show, gaming, comedy, pop culture, inspirational, etc.)

Each podcast usually fits into either or both of those categories.  People will pay just about anything for education and/or entertainment.

It’s our job to make sure that we are masters of our podcast in either or both of those categories.  With that comes storytelling, content, presentation/entertainment value, and production quality to name a few.

I talk with Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast and the Noodle.mx Network about these things above and a LOT of great strategies for setting your podcast up to grow, profit, and succeed.  Daniel also shares some great ideas for creating income with your podcast (actual tangible ideas) regardless of whether you are educational or entertainment!

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Daniel J. Lewis

Daniel is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, award-winning podcaster on The Audacity Podcast, The Ramen Noodle Clean Comedy Podcast, and The Once Upon a Time Podcast, and owns the Noodle.mx network.Profitcast - Daniel J Lewis

He enjoys science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy entertainment genres, as well as “real” hobbies like cooking, swimming, and volleyball.  Daniel is a black belt martial artist and especially loves to dig into God’s Word.

The Audacity to Give Specifics

  • Story-telling – people relate SO well to a story
  • You could be sitting through the most boring presentation on something but then they’ll tell a story and people will perk up!
  • Look at website comments
  • Looks at dload numbers to see which ones were popular
  • Google questions that people have to see if it fits your podcast topic/content
  • Learn how to present yourself better – work on your presentation quality
  • 3 areas of quality you need to master in order to make sure you’re not turning away listeners:
    • Content Quality – is it something that they actually WANT to consume?
    • Presentation Quality
    • Production Quality
  • Find the listeners and reach OUT TO THEM
  • It IS who you know
  • Lots of options to monetize
    • Donations have worked really well for Daniel
    • Patreon
    • Products
    • Affiliates
    • Sponsors
  • BIGGEST way to make money on your podcast that doesn’t depend on size of audience is to SELL YOURSELF
    • Products of your own
    • Services of your own
  • Entertainment content
    • Release extra content that you can SELL (premium content)
    • What is it that other fans of the TV show WANT?
    • Make a commentary for EVERY episode of every season as a special BONUS and SELL THAT
    • Make products for fans
    • Indiana Jones Fan Podcast – the OFFICIAL Indiana Jones Fedora
  • Just DO IT – just start it – don’t give up, don’t stall

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  • So many puns!

    Thank you for the great honor of being in your podcast!

    • profitcast

      Ha! Thank YOU Daniel as well! It was an honor having you! :)

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