PC 22 | Interview with Lou Mongello – Focus on those who are ALREADY listening (build relationships) rather than trying to “grow your audience”

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Profitcast FeedburnerThere’s this fantastic advice I heard at Podcast Movement: “Focus on those who are ALREADY listening rather than trying to “grow your audience.”  I think we all KNOW this, but hearing it from that perspective sort of hit me between the eyes!

It really goes back to the basics.  As podcasters, we’re taught to create some type of marketing strategy if we want to grow our podcasts and, eventually, monetize.  So we think we need to “grow the audience” and get those download numbers up!

While that is true, if we want to monetize our podcasts and treat it like a business, it still goes back to one simple question:

Are you building RELATIONSHIPS with your community?

We all want friendships and we all want to feel like we’re a part of something, right?

If we, as the podcast host, treat our listeners as FRIENDS and bring them into a community, our podcasts WILL grow.

If we’re focused on those who are ALREADY listening and making them feel special, our podcasts will grow.

So why do we keep trying to focus on those who AREN’T listening?!?

Lou Mongello, of the WDW Radio podcast, has some INCREDIBLE thoughts on all of this on Profitcast.  He has successfully implemented what he shares on the show and shows us how we can do the same with our podcasts.

Here’s my question of the week: Are you building RELATIONSHIPS with your community? CLICK HERE to contact me!

Heeerrrrre’s Lou MongelloProfitcast - Lou Mongello

Lou makes a career as a Disney author, host, publisher, historian, speaker and trusted Disney expert and creates unique content via a variety of multimedia outlets.  A former attorney and owner of an IT consulting firm in New Jersey, Lou left the practice of law and company to move with his family to Florida, pursue his passion, and follow a dream of sharing his love for Disney with others.

A social media pioneer and influencer, Lou connects with his loyal audiences (he prefers “friends”) via a variety of online social networks, and also hosts monthly meet-ups in Walt Disney World and around the country. As one of the leading authorities on Disney, podcasting and new media, Lou is frequently interviewed by the media for expert perspective and analysis. He has been featured in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Boston.com, VentureBeat, Bloomberg Business, WPIX 11 TV New York, CBS 46 News Atlanta, AOL.com, Parenting Magazine, Readers’ Digest, Fodors, Robert Scoble and numerous others.

The Magical Details

  • Love of this “useless knowledge” rolling around in his head about Disney
  • We’re equipped with the tools and knowledge to make our useless knowledge valuable
  • Had no idea that his content would resonate with the Disney fans – he decided to wing it and change things up based on the feedback he received
  • He wrote the book he wanted to read
  • Produced a show that he, as a Disney fan, wanted to hear
  • His podcast is like sitting around at a coffee shop or diner having a conversation with friends
  • Bring them the Disney “magic” if they couldn’t be there
  • Lou does NOT worry about the “competition”
  • Doesn’t worry about the numbers
  • Do the same show for 10 people that they will do for a million people
  • Focus on those who are already listening than trying to “grow your audience”
  • Audience likes his top 10 shows, restaurant reviews, ambient sounds (walking around in a park)
  • Content should bring ENTERTAINMENT and VALUE to every listener every week
  • Podcasts are about INFLUENCE rather than NUMBERS – for sponsors, monetization, etc.
  • Percentage of listeners that buy vs number of downloads (LOYALTY and VALUE)
  • Don’t dilute your podcast with sponsors (take a limited number of sponsorships)
  • Works out a sponsor package that becomes a “part of the show” – make sure they’re a great partner!
  • Listener e-mail show – answer the questions specifically on the show
  • Has the sponsor come on to answer the listener questions AS WELL!
  • 3-pronged approach to monetizing:
    • 1) Monetize your audience – logo, branding, membership site, special events
    • 2) Monetize with sponsorship
    • 3) Monetize yourself – become an expert – speaking, workshops, mastermind groups, coaching, products
  • No cookie cutter/one size fits all way to grow and monetize your podcast
  • Answer EVERY e-mail – personal response – CONNECT on a deeper level with your audience
  • Monthly meetups with listeners – the point is for Lou to meet HIS LISTENERS
  • Forming those relationships
  • Ask your listeners/friends to go out and tell THEIR friends, share, tweet, etc
  • Podcasters NEED to have a blog, videos, live events, products, content in a way that most people are COMFORTABLE consuming it and enjoy consuming it
  • Do what you love!!!

Make a Wish… then TAKE ACTION!

  2. Please check out Lou’s websites and his Walt Disney World Podcast (LINKS BELOW)
  3. Question this week:
    1. Are you building RELATIONSHIPS with your community?
  4. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!

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  • Great idea man!


    • The Real Brian

      Thanks John! :)

    • profitcast

      Thanks John!!

  • Podcastcoach

    Here is Dave listening to this podcast.
    Listens, smiles.
    Forget your stats, forget new and noteworthy, focus on the people who are focused on you. This is a must listen episode.

    • profitcast

      YEAH!!! Dave, I was thinking the same thing as he was talking… except silently of course! LOL Man, good stuff. REALLY good stuff. :)

    • Thanks, buddy! I really appreciate it! You rock, my friend!!

  • Thanks again for having me on, Brian! I really enjoyed chatting with you and love what you’re doing on the show!!

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