PC 32 | The Secret Strategy to Growing Your Podcast

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FINALLY we get to talk about this secret missing strategy for growing our podcasts!  I wanted to analyze it more before talking about it on Profitcast and so without further delay, here we go!
As you know, I’ve been interviewing and researching the ways on how to profit with our podcasts and grow a large and loyal listener community.  Through the interviews, I kept asking myself what is it about the successful Podcasters that has made them so successful?  Many podcasters have put in similar amounts of work and used the same strategies but have never achieved success like the top podcasters.  Sometimes not even close to the same level of success.  So what sets them apart from the rest?
I realized THAT’S the secret! You HAVE to set yourself apart from the rest. The secret IS the secret! Let me explain.
It used to be you could start a podcast and instantly get listeners.  Ok well maybe not for EVERY podcaster, but it was definitely a lot easier to gain listeners years ago with a podcast than it is today.  Podcasting has matured and we have to keep that in mind as we move forward in podcasting.  We have to do what it takes to set ourselves apart from the rest of the other podcasts if we want grow our podcasts.
It really is the secret to why the top Podcasters have primarily succeeded.  Sure there are a lot of strategies that the top Podcasters have used (we’ve discussed most of them in the interviews here on Profitcast) but the missing key strategy that I couldn’t put my finger on is that they set themselves apart from the rest.
So now you’re probably thinking – well DUH Brian – but HOW do we set ourselves apart?  I’m glad you asked. :)  Setting yourself apart from others is in-depth and will take commitment and perseverance.  Are you ready to join me on this journey?  Then let’s ROCK IT!

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Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

  • The Secret Strategy! Set Yourself Apart!
  • HOW do we set ourselves and our podcasts apart?
    • First of all you need to be the best YOU! (uniqueness, your own story, strengths, talents, etc)
    • Branding (explain – much of this actually falls under branding)
      • Your identity – does it shine through on your podcast?
      • Name of podcast – does it clearly identify what your podcast is about and good for search engines? Keywords.
      • Content – does it correspond with your name and what people expect to hear?
      • Are you getting to the point?
      • Are you DELIVERING what you said you’d deliver?
    • How you present yourself (social skills, friendliness, “body language”, etc)
    • Confidence – episode 19 – Oh No We suck again!
      • Security
      • People follow confidence not lack of it
    • Positivity
    • Quality of your podcast and sound
    • Building relationships and community
    • Networking
    • Serving others
  • These last 3 are extremely important:
    • Tenacity, commitment, perseverance, etc.
    • Investment (financially, emotionally, time, etc)
    • Set unrealistic goals – Tim Ferriss talks about this in 4-hour workweek.

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Question of the week?

Which action will you implement this week in order to set yourself and your podcast apart from the rest?

So… what do you think? Join the Profitcast Universe!

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