PC 34 | Set Your Podcast Apart From The Rest Part 1 | Content that is RIGHT for your listeners | Be the Best You

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Profitcast FeedburnerI told you in episode 32 of Profitcast, that I would discuss each of the elements of setting your podcast apart from the rest.  In that episode, I covered a bunch of different items that will help YOU and your podcast to stand out now that podcasting has become more popular.

It’s so easy for us to want the magic bullet of focusing on marketing strategies and monetization strategies because that’s what’s COOL and what we think will save and massively grow our audience.  But the reality is, if we market crap, we get crappy results.  If we market average, we get average results.  BUT… if we market EXCELLENCE, then we’ll get excellent results!

Think about this for a minute.

Please hear me when I say we need to do our VERY BEST to take actions that will set our podcasts apart from the rest.  Otherwise YOU WILL GET LOST IN THE NOISE.  Trust me, I know this.  I’ve experienced it.  And marketing, alone, won’t help your podcast to stand out if you can’t back it up with something unique and excellent.

Do NOT get discouraged by what I’m saying here, because YOU can rock your podcast into an excellence beyond what you might be able to imagine right now.  We can all do it.  We WILL do it.

Let me help you.  Today’s episode of Profitcast is part 1 of a series about setting your podcast apart from the rest.  I’ll be covering two main topics today: 1) Making sure your content is RIGHT for your listeners and for you.  2) Being the best YOU.

Do NOT write this off, thinking you already know it.  Maybe you do, but I would encourage you to listen to this episode and do some introspection to make sure you are on the right track with your podcast.  I’m not asking you to doubt where you’re at by any means.  But I AM asking you to make SURE you’re on the right track so I can continue to help you make sure your podcast is set up to STAND OUT!

I hate to say it, but the research I’ve been conducting over the last year has shown me that many podcasters fail right here and get stuck.  Don’t be one of those statistics.  I want you to succeed with your podcast.  So LET’S ROCK IT!  :D

What help, specifically, do you need in order to set your podcast apart from the rest? CLICK HERE to contact me!

Stand Out

  • Dave Jackson – Ask the Podcast Coach and School of Podcasting
  • Review from Profitcast episode 32
  • Set Your Podcast Apart
    • Be the best YOU
      • Identity
      • Strengths
      • Strengths Finder 2.0
      • Talents/gifts
      • Interests
      • Uniquenesses
      • Experiences and stories
    • Are you passionate or even interested about getting behind the mic?
      • Passion Meets Profit
      • Passion = what YOU love and want to talk about
      • MEETS Profit = what others are already passionate about, looking for, and rabid for
      • NICHE your topic and content
      • Concise and focused content
      • Make sure your listeners not only resonate with it but understand it
      • Deliver value
      • Know what you’re talking about or make it a journey podcast
      • Have humility and openness to being wrong and getting advice from others who know more
      • Does your content correspond with your podcast’s name and deliver what your listeners are expecting to hear?

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Question of the week?

What help, specifically, do you need in order to set your podcast apart from the rest?

So… what do you think? Join the Profitcast Universe!

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