PC 35 | Set Your Podcast Apart From The Rest Part 2 | How to Present Yourself | Vocal Body Language | Effective Delivery | Win Listeners and Influence Others

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Profitcast FeedburnerIt’s crazy when you talk about something (last week) and then explore what you just talked about.  I had a good week of analyzing “where passion meets profit” and applying that to where I’m at with Profitcast and Arrow Squad.  I hope you were able to take some time and get introspective about your podcast.  I am curious to hear what you came up with!

As we move into part 2 of Setting Your Podcast Apart from the Rest, I decided to jump into “How to Present Yourself!”  There are SO many important factors here that are critical for your podcast’s success!  In fact, the successful podcasters have either mastered these elements or at least come close to mastering them.

Keep in mind, they’re ALWAYS working on their podcasts and continually getting better.  But there does come a point where you need to master certain aspects.

Here they are: vocal body language, effective delivery, winning listeners and influencing others, unwavering confidence, exceptional quality of your podcast, and a GREAT attitude about your podcast and for your podcast.

There’s a lot more, of course, but this is all I could fit in this week!  :)  I hope you get a lot out of this episode!  I actually, interestingly enough, got a lot out of it just by presenting it to you on Profitcast.

Good reminders and challenges!

After you listen to the episode, think about where you’re at and then please let me know your thoughts on this week’s question:

Which of these do YOU think you already excel at and which of these do you need to work on the most? CLICK HERE to contact me!

How to Present Yourself

  • WINS to share!!
  • Great point from Mark – Solo Talk Media
  • Journey so far – with last week’s topic – fun to work through!
    • This is the year of action – 2015.  2014 year of learning and growing.
    • This year – stop talking, stop procrastinating, and get it done. TAKE ACTION!!!!!
    • Interviewing people coming up who are succeeding with Patreon!!
  • How to Present Yourself
    • Social skills, friendliness, “body language”, etc
      • What’s your “body language” behind the mic?  Remember – vocal body language is the PRIMARY thing listeners will resonate or not resonate with.
      • Monotone vs excited
      • Interactive vs self-centered
      • Approachable vs intimidating
      • Likeable vs annoying
    • Confidence
      • Confidence is really, really, really, REALLY important
      • Confidence in YOURSELF and in your podcast will help you greatly in succeeding.  Lack of confidence in you and your podcast – you’re not going anywhere.
      • People follow confidence.  They don’t follow a lack of confidence (most people).
      • Confidence brings a sense of security as well.
      • Make sure to back up the confidence.
    • Quality
      • Equipment
      • Use of sound fx
      • Vocal presence
      • Mic ability – use of mic
    • Positive/forward thinker/good attitude
      • How’s your podcast? Couldn’t be better!
      • Failure is not an option
      • Jump on the bandwagon/train/etc.
      • I’m leading – are you with me?  If not, no worries.
      • I WANT you here.  I don’t NEED you, but I want you.  I’m doing this with or without you but I hope you join me.
    • Delivery (making sure you are being you but also making sure you’re delivering yourself correctly to the right audience)
      • Goes back to being authentic to your identity/strengths/talents/etc.
      • How do you know if you’re delivering correctly?
      • Are you talking about something you love and know?
      • Are you talking to a group of people who actually care about what you’re talking about?  If so, how much do they care?
      • Are you providing a solution to a problem they have or helping to fulfill a desire they have?
      • Is what you’re saying resonating with your listener?
      • Are you following through on what you said you’d deliver?
      • Is your podcast focused, exceptional, value-driven, etc?
      • Arrow Squad example


Question of the week!

Which of these do YOU think you already excel at and which of these do you need to work on the most?

So… what do you think? Join the Profitcast Universe!

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