PC 36 | $1200 an episode with Patreon | An Interview with Noah Lugeons

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Could you imagine making $1200 an episode with your podcast on Patreon?
Maybe you already are.  Maybe you’re making more.  Maybe you’re like: PICK ME!!!  PICK MEEEEE!!!!
I invited Noah Lugeons on to Profitcast to share how and what to do to succeed on Patreon with your podcast.  Noah shares what to do and what not to do as well as some incredible strategies on how to make the most of your Patreon campaign.
Noah also discusses the benefits of “milestones” as opposed to “rewards” for your Patreon campaign.
We also talk about what podcasters DESERVE.  It’s a fascinating tangent we get off on but ties nicely into Patreon and why it can be so essential to you and your podcast.
You put a lot of time and energy and resources into your podcast.  Do you think you deserve to get paid?
I walked away from this interview inspired, encouraged, energized, and ready to take on the world with actionable steps!  I hope you will too.
Question of the week this week! If you’re using Patreon, how’s it going for you?  Good?  Bad?  Ugly?

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Milestones, Rewards, and what YOU Deserve!

  • Balance between what I know (I’m the expert of my own podcast) vs what the listeners want
  • Can I answer the question – is this show what I want – that’s the most important question (without any ego)
  • Noah didn’t survey his audience but did look for major trends in feedback
  • Where passion meets profit = his passion and desire to make a difference but still the need to pay the bills and justify the 50 hours put into it
  • Patreon:
  • Setting up 2 different tiers
    • Milestones – when we reach this amount per month, we will DO “x.”
    • Rewards – when you pay this amount, you will RECEIVE “x.”
  • Success is going to come from these 2 tiers
  • Milestones are the MOST important, not the rewards
  • Are they going to be RELEVANT and RESONATE with the listeners
    • The milestones must be MEANINGFUL to the listeners not yourself
    • Milestones motivate the listeners because you’re providing more value to them
  • Make the milestones REALISTIC too
  • Good examples of milestones reached:
    • From a 30 min to a 60 min show
    • Started a second show
    • You can reunite the 2 co-hosts (essentially allowing them to go full-time but not actually saying this) – this will allow 2 good friends that YOU know to be reunited – it’s personal and it benefits them
  • Rewards thoughts:
    • Don’t make them complicated
    • They MUST be relevant to my show
    • Rewards are just bonuses to the listeners but it’s not what actually motivates them
  • The secret to success on Patreon:
    • Have to know HOW to ask for money
    • Do NOT apologize for asking for money… don’t we DESERVE to get paid for it?
  • The MOST important task is to make money in order to make our podcasts work!
  • Value your time and recognize that you deserve to be compensated for it
  • But ALSO value your audience’s time
  • What NOT to do with Patreon:
    • Overpromise
  • You actually might just succeed so don’t overpromise and underdeliver
  • Have something you can offer your listeners MORE than another person

Scathing Skeptics can check out Noah’s stuff!

Question of the week?

If you’re using Patreon, how’s it going for you?

Also – Do YOU think you deserve to get paid for doing your podcast?

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  • More than half of people wanting to make money from podcasting will not listen to The Scathing Atheist due to its content, but they should! Its structure, consistency, scripting and editing, all make for a high-quality production that is key to retaining listeners and gaining recommendations.

    I am one listener that watches the clock awaiting their uploads. Their massive efforts are appreciated greatly (and financially).


    • Joshua Liston

      I think the that’s a great way to put it ^^^Matt. “Watching the clock.”

      I always find myself counting down for each weeks ep of Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast. I also have a little hope that each time I swipe my feed in Castro that a new episode of Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is going to pop up, ha.

      Again, well said Matt.

      ~ @joshuacliston

      • profitcast

        I love it – “watching the clock.” Man that’s how all our podcasts should be for our listeners! I agree – well said Leechy!

  • Joshua Liston

    Truly awesome episode man! Noah was a great guest, and for once “a Podcast about Podcasting managed to avoid ex post facto attribution error.”

    Congrats Brian, and please keep the “real talk” coming man :)

    ~ @joshuacliston

    PS. I tried to find your Patreon page and back your work.. but no dice ;)

    • profitcast

      Hey Josh – thanks SO much!! Appreciate your feedback! Will do on the real talk man. This week’s episode will be some real talk…

      P.S. I’m working on my Patreon account so it’s not up but WOW – thank you for the “future” backing!!!! Stay tuned.

  • Cory Johnston

    I run a small podcast and it has been mildly successful for listenership but not on Patreon. I listen to The Scathing Atheist and am a patron myself. I look forward to listening to Noah discuss their success and maybe taking some notes. I can tell already from the comments here that structure and consistency in getting them out are both big factors in a successful podcast. Thanks for interviewing one of my favorite podcasters, I’m going to subscribe to yours now and will start listening regularly.

  • This is great content! I think the best takeaway is to make the milestones something that the audience will want, like bonus content, celebrity interviews, or more of something they’ll enjoy.

    I’ll be revisiting my Patreon pages to improve them!

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