PC 41 | How To Double Your Email List | An Interview with Jeremy Montoya

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Profitcast FeedburnerWe last caught up with Jeremy Montoya in episode 4 (Final Clock Out), where he and his Final Clock Out co-host Taylor Stevens shared about their passion for helping others succeed by encouraging them to work toward a lifestyle that embodies their passions and goals. Jeremy has taken a page out of his own book and has begun focusing on an often overlooked area of business and podcast growth: email lists.

Unlike the postal system, email is far from being obsolete. (We’re not intending to start a war with that claim!) An email is a personal and precise way of delivering information, but when handled incorrectly it can be more harmful than helpful.

In this week’s episode of Profitcast, Brian talks with Jeremy about strategies he’s formed around growing an email list. Frankly, podcasts are a hard way to grow an email list. Think about the people listening to your podcast, for a moment. Where are they? What are they doing? When are they listening? By their very nature, podcasts almost guarantee the person listening to your podcast is not sitting in front of a computer, waiting to type in a URL to be taken to a website where they can opt in for an email list.

How do we work with that? Luckily, Jeremy has some incredibly valuable advice.

You may fall under one of these scenarios:

  • We have amazing discussions, content, and equipment for our podcasts, but we don’t have a business.
  • We have a business, which produces a podcast, but cannot gauge the value our listeners receive from what we deliver.

You thought we were going to give it away here, didn’t you? We’re not cruel, we’ll give you a hint at what’s to come. But quite honestly, you want to listen to how Brian and Jeremy set up situations where email lists will provide value specifically to your listeners and then suggest resources on how to get started on achieving those ends.

While you’re waiting for the podcast to load, think on this: text message marketing. Whether your listener is at the grocery store, driving in the car, or washing dishes, providing them with an easy method to capitalize on content you are offering for free will be vital to establishing a loyal core of email subscribers. And, as an example, Jeremy wants you to text JEREMY to 33444 so that he can send you an action guide so that you can implement the take-home technique to build and grow your email list through this SMS marketing technique.

Building an email list is a strategic process, one that you need to adapt for your podcast. Don’t feel limited by the genre of your podcast, because when it comes to providing content, delivering valuable and meaningful content to your listeners helps to strengthen the community you are trying to build. That said, don’t jump in without a plan! Being strategic can help you understand vital metrics about your core listening audience. Being impulsive can drive listeners away as fast as it takes to click “MARK AS SPAM”.

Recently, Brian has started taking on clients in a coaching capacity and is now opening it up to any who are interested. He’s only taking a few, however, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, take him up on the free 30 minute consultation to see if you are a good fit!

It’s easier than speed dating. Maybe.

Get Coached!

Due to circumstances beyond his control, limited Internet access this week prevented Brian from getting Profitcast’s Patreon account up and running. Thank you for the interest, however, and we will keep you up to date as SOON as it becomes available.

In the meantime, we would love your feedback on the Arrow Squad patreon. Brian’s other venture, the podcast dedicated to the CW TV show Arrow, launched its Patreon account last week and is excited to get underway. The milestones and rewards we’ve set up there are geared specifically toward the listeners of that podcast, and we hope to help grow the community, and provide value, by offering them more. Additionally, feel free to use any of our Patreon strategies we used with Arrow Squad for your podcast’s Patreon campaign.

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