PC 42 | Are You The Best?

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In addition to the answer to life, the universe, and all things, this is the second shortest episode of Profitcast EVER! Which begs the question… which one is the SHORTEST?

Hmm… I suppose that depends on WHEN you ask that question.

I’ve been reading/listening to Seth Godin’s “The Dip.” Fantastic book by the way. He asks the question: “Are you the best (in your market/niche/podcast topic)?” The best in your market or even geographical region (it really all depends on your audience) will always be the most successful. Each of us can become the best in something, somewhere. The alternative is mediocrity and an uphill struggle, spending incredible amounts of resources and time to get somewhere.

He goes on to ask that if you’re not the best, can you become the best? If not, then a pivot may be in order. In his book, he talks about smart quitting. For our sake, I talk about pivoting to a different topic/niche/etc. The question is somewhat rhetorical on Profitcast, today. I do encourage you to ask the question and see what you can do to become the best in your topic/niche. This will definitely lead you on the right path to growing and profiting with your podcast. :)

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A tremendous Thank You to all who have already begun regular contributions to the Profitcast Patreon campaign! It is a huge honor and Brian cannot wait to see what can be accomplished through this partnership.

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