PC 45 | What if You Never Made Money With Your Podcast?

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Profitcast FeedburnerMoney, money, money. Profiting with your podcast is more than just the money. We see it happen all over the place, particularly in American culture, where an individual who seems to have garnered much financial success does not consider him or herself successful.

Over the last 10 months we’ve interviewed a lot of people who’ve been successful with podcasting, both financially and in their respective communities. We’re told that in order to have a successful podcast, we need to make money and have a large community. Naturally, when anyone asks you what your biggest struggle is, your answer might very well be: “I don’t know how to grow my audience and I don’t know how to make money.”

But is that the real definition of success? Perhaps it is one component of the definition, but as we are Passion Podcasters, by necessity we MUST broaden that definition to include the impact we are having on our audience. Are you affecting and influencing others? Are you getting meaningful feedback? Do you feel like you’re making a difference? We’ve all heard that “money doesn’t buy happiness”, so for a venture that is about learning how to profit with your podcast, it is important to define what success means to you and your podcast.

From observing and chatting at New Media Expo, Brian was able to identify a Resonance Factor from 4 basic criteria. 4 simple, yet extremely tough criteria.

1) Performance. Presentation. Delivery. Body language is a critical part of everyday communication, and something that is severely lacking when you are sitting behind a microphone and your audience only has your voice in their earbuds. Presentation becomes critical. All you have to win over your audience is your voice. Are you doing everything you can to make it a worthwhile experience for your audience?

2) Topic. Content. Niche. Three things we talk about a lot on Profitcast! If you aren’t resonating with your own material, chances are that will come across in the presentation of content to your audience. Being passionate about your topic is important because it should drive you to find your value, your niche, and to create unique content that is meaningful to yourself and to your audience.

For the remaining 2 criteria, you’ll have to listen to the podcast!

Question of the Week
What if you never made money with your podcast? What would you do?

Next Week!
Next week Brian will be discussing, as promised, networking and building relationships and community.

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A tremendous Thank You to all who have already begun regular contributions to the Profitcast Patreon campaign! It is a huge honor and Brian cannot wait to see what can be accomplished through this partnership.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, the basis of the campaign is an opportunity for you to partner with Brian in a financial capacity in order to receive more and unique content. Without taking away anything you are accustomed to getting out of Profitcast, a Patreon campaign enables Creators, like Brian, to provide more to people like you, while staying within his means of available resources.

The foundation of Profitcast has been to pioneer techniques of turning passion into profit. Many podcasters have been successful with Patreon, and Brian hopes to provide meaningful insights and suggestions on how to launch your own campaign.


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