PC 47 | They Come for the Content and Stay for the Host | Interview with Brian Ibbott

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Profitcast FeedburnerThis week on Profitcast, we learn that there is more than one podcaster in Colorado! However, they are both named Brian. Yes, Brian Ibbott, of Coverville and The Morning Stream, joins The Real Brian this week and they cover a broad spectrum of topics, from New Media Expo to World of Warcraft to what an engaged podcast community looks like.

We’ve been discussing for several weeks now the importance of an engaged listening audience. Remember last week? “No community? No podcast!” Long-term and established evidence of this can certainly be found in the results of the 2015 Podcast Awards, but it can also be found in real-time. Having an engaged listening community has become the immediate feedback we need in order to know how our podcast is faring amongst the, literally, millions of options available to each and every person who has access to the internet.

The metrics for podcasting are changing. Sponsors might not be fully there yet in understanding the value of ten-thousand engaged listeners versus one-hundred thousand casual listeners, but soon the measurements will shift. Never underestimate an influential host providing recommendations to his or her audience. But in either case, there is a road that needs to be traveled to arrive at that stage; whether you’re in search of one-hundred thousand listeners, or in search of a core audience who know and trust your judgment, there is much work to do.

The Brians beat out several factors surrounding an engaged audience, including how to give your podcast the best chance for a committed listening audience and how to leverage a different set of metrics when it comes time to consider monetizing. The Real Brian brings us back to a question posed last week: as podcasters, what are we responsible for? Brian Ibbott gives us another perspective to that same deliberation. Providing consistent and relevant content that speaks to and encourages your listening audience, collaborating and responding to your audience, are vital factors in considering what we are responsible for as podcast hosts.

In addition to stories about New Media Expo, Brian Ibbott tells us about his journey into podcasting and how his love for cover music pushed him into starting the most successful cover music podcast currently in existence. The insight he provides into pursuing a passion, and thus into a responsive relationship with his listeners, provides tremendous insight and hope. The dream of profiting from our passion can be within reach!

Question of the Week
Narrow, focused content. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Discuss!

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