PC 50 | What Does Jurassic World Have To Do With Podcasting?

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Profitcast FeedburnerWelcome to episode 50 of Profitcast! It is so exciting to be able to say fifty isn’t it?

Jurassic World is just the most recent example in a long line of cinematic blockbusters that are capitalizing on the marketing potential of a film’s dramatic premise as its release approaches. Jurassic World is the fourth film in a line of [loose] adaptations of Michael Crichton’s dinosaur novels (Jurassic Park, The Lost World). The second film, The Lost World, was released in 1997 and owing largely to the excitement and brilliance of the first film, it broke the opening weekend box office record (set by Batman Returns) which it held up until the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. However, in spite of all the hype, the critical response was harsh. Four years later, when the third of the Jurassic movies was released, the rather unenthusiastic response of its predecessor led to modest success for the movie, but nothing that surpassed The Lost World, and was received even more negatively than the second. The fourth movie now has this sordid history to overcome in order for the marketing leading up to its release to not be considered overhype. Unfortunately, we will only know in hindsight.

Marketing yourself and your podcast is important. We’ve talked in recent weeks on Profitcast how it doesn’t need to be a central focus of your daily podcasting checklist, but it is difficult to grow your community and audience when you aren’t doing any form of marketing.

The reason podcasts, films, or whatever it is, do well is because passionate people put out compelling content, find their niche, and gain a loyal audience who are eager to spread the word about what they’ve found. If your show is good, people won’t be able to help but talk about it. It is the most important avenue of marketing at our disposal, hands down.

And yet, word of mouth does not negate the need for the type of marketing in which you, as a podcaster, purposefully showcase your podcast and drive to expose it to a wider audience. If I might turn to a fishing analogy, there is a huge correlation between the bait a fisherman uses and where he decides to cast his line to the type of fish he wishes to catch. This fisherman can put a worm on a hook and cast his line like a boss, but if he’s in still, open waters and looking to catch a largemouth bass, the chances of him accomplishing this are very slim. If he wants that largemouth bass he’s got to think about murky waters with deep vegetation, he’s got to think about a shiny lure that can troll through weeds without getting caught, and he’s got to think about the weight on his line that will allow the lure to sink down to the depths of where that largemouth bass is swimming around. When a listener takes your bait and listens to your podcast, you certainly want quality content and audio to set the hook in their experience, but if you’ve cast your line into the wrong type of water it doesn’t matter how compelling your lure is, they aren’t going to stay because your content will not resonate with them.

Join Brian and his co-host, Robert Krueger, as they flesh out these ideas of finding your niche, finding what makes you special and thinking critically about how the effort you put forward can be put right back into the efforts you take to grow your audience. We’ve discussed and learned a lot on Profitcast over the last 50 episodes, but learning isn’t enough. We must execute!

So go forth and multiply.

Question of the Week
We’ve learned a lot, but what have you done about it? What are the results?

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