PC 51 | If You’re Busy, Your Podcast Will Fail!

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First of all, apologies on the delay getting Profitcast out this week. I’ll share about my adventure to my cousin’s wedding on the episode.
I was inspired and passionate to share about busyness and how it negatively affects our podcasts and profiting with them.  In fact, I firmly believe that we will fail with our podcasts if we’re busy.
Don’t get me wrong.  Having a full schedule and working HARD is GOOD.  But being BUSY does not equal full schedules and hard work.
John Lee Dumas isn’t busy.
But he works hard and is VERY successful.
With this, I talk about respect, boundaries, and manipulation.  Each of these things have a major impact on being busy and, therefore, our success and profit.
Check out the episode this week to hear about what’s holding many of us back and how we can break these chains and start seeing some results.
I WANT you to succeed.  PLEASE.  :)
And now a word from Emilee: :)

Everything we cover here at Profitcast is meant to encourage, enlighten, education and, hopefully, entertain; this week is no different. Sometimes we broach some topics or concepts that are harder than others to soften our pride to, but there are some issues that cannot be left to work themselves out, and as such we like to open the forum for an honest conversation about some of the roadblocks that get put in our way as podcasters.

Last week, Brian and Robert talked about the effort we need to put forward in order to grow our audience. We can’t stand around waiting for handouts! A couple weeks ago, Brian and Jen Briney talked about the difference between putting out a podcast because it’s “due” and putting it out because it’s ready. We can actually hurt our podcast by rushing things and putting out something that is low quality or contains poor content.

This week, Brian takes on a couple more difficult topics: 1) Respect. 2) Boundaries. 3) Manipulation and how they affect our busyness or success. A couple recent experiences, and witnessing this experience in others, prompted Brian to address three fairly important, and relatively untouched, topics in the podcasting world. A lack of respect and boundaries can lead to a litany of issues within and around our podcast, trickling down to our listeners, to our sponsors, and, worst of all, into the passion that drives us to podcast.

It seems simple, right? R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me. Just a little bit! You know, Otis Redding got a lot of stuff right in that song and it has a powerful message. But when Aretha Franklin released her own version of the song in the late 60s and added the iconic bridge, in which she sings R-E-S-P-E-C-T, it turned the song into an anthem for Civil Rights and Women’s Rights movements alike. She unashamedly painted herself as a strong woman demanding respect from her man.

Respect is anything but simple, but it is fathomable. It takes focus and intention and, if given that focus and intention, can change absolutely everything about the relationships you have with your listeners, with your co-hosts, with your guests, and even with your own relationship to your podcast.

But that’s enough chit chat. Brian gets down to business, using some real world scenarios to discuss how to take a critical look at boundaries, how to recognize manipulation and divert it before it becomes an issue, how to show respect to others and, of course, how all of this can help you to reduce your busyness and start PROFITING!


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I’m not sure if I’ll be opening up coaching to new clients in the near future or not yet.  If I do, the cost will go up significantly.  So if you are interested and needing some guidance, contact me before July 1st to set up a free 15 minute consultation to see if it’s a good fit. 

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