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To the loyal listeners of the Audiobooks.com Podcast, we get an extra dose this week as Brian brings his co-host, Addy Saucedo, in on this episode of Profitcast! I’m a huge fan of these two together and you are definitely in for a treat. We get a great conversation that covers what Addy is up to and what her passion is, the limitations of imitation, and a tease into what Addy and Brian are working on together.

Limitations of Imitation

As a marketing guru, Addy is full of insight into what makes the podcasting world go round. From her experience and observations, she’s a firm believer in the two fold approach: adopt and adapt. (With a heavy emphasis on adapt.) The natural tendency, as Brian reminds us, is to copy exactly what someone else has done to try and forage the same results. But as we’ve discussed many, many times on Profitcast, imitation alone will not suffice in the World of 10 Million Podcasts.

Minnesota is known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. It used to be a hyperbole, I think, but I’d be shocked if it weren’t true. One of my running paths around my house takes me to three different lakes over the course of 5 miles. Even though there are so many lakes, they are all very distinct and people in the area know interesting details about each one. I enjoy jogging around Lake Nokomis, but if I arrive after 4pm on a weekday, it is so busy I often can’t find a place to park. Some of my friends who have pontoons or skiing boats are very particular about the lakes they go to for similar reasons. This lake is busier than that lake, this lake attracts more of this or that kind of crowd.

How similar that seems to what podcasts have become! Even though there are so many, we still come to know interesting details about a great many of them, whether they’re in our niche or not. From Profitcast we hear a lot about (and from) the podcasters who have been successful, both monetarily and in listenership, but it is also important that we don’t limit ourselves to the podcasts that have been explicitly successful.

Adopt and adapt is the best way to explain why it’s bad to focus only on what the successful podcasters have done. Adopting or copying may seem simpler, it may seem more straightforward and safer, and for a while it may be. But unless it is adapted to suit your situation, it will lack the core of what makes you you and then it will lack the propensity to grow organically. I truly believe that listening to a greater breadth of podcasts enables us to adapt better. In the course of adopting, our minds are set on doing one thing in a very particular way, but if we’re adapting, we’re not being limited by a particular paradigm and, instead, allow our brains the opportunity to search for our own uniqueness.

Podcast Breakthrough

If you were left wanting more after the tantalizing hints as to this enigmatic Podcast Breakthrough, you aren’t alone! After listening to the episode I texted Brian and was like, “Dude, what is going on? Why am I not getting more information?” But Brian and Addy are keeping this pretty close to the vest as they get started on their next project.

What we do know about this venture is that Brian and Addy are passionate about helping podcasters experience a breakthrough with their podcasts and their mindset. And over the next couple weeks, as Brian drops more hints as to what this is, we can keep up with developments by visiting PodcastBreakthrough.


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