PC 71 | 5 Tips to Grow Your Audience

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Welcome back to Profitcast! If this is your first time with us: Welcome! This is a weekly podcast dedicated to the multidimensional study of profiting through podcasting. Whether it’s learning from other podcasters who have come before us, chatting with podcasters possessing certain expertise, or diving into some of the grainier details, we look at it all as vital to truly profiting through podcasting. As a community, and as individuals, we consider ourselves to be passion podcasters, because we love what we do and we do what we love.

This week we’re in some of the grainier details of a very large picture. To demonstrate the importance of taking the time to review and study this aspect of podcasting, I Seurat-1994-a-sundaywould like to use the example of Georges Seurat. You may best know this artist by his famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (1884). Click on the photograph to see the larger image, because this is one of those paintings where getting up close is just as important as taking a step back.

From far away we see a beautiful, colorful depiction of various individuals enjoying an afternoon outside. But up close we see the meticulous brush strokes, the wide array of colors, and the intimate detail of each figure depicted. It took Seurat two years to complete this painting. He was 26 years old. This 7ft by 10ft painting burst onto the scene as a blatant challenge to Seurat’s impressionist predecessors to such a degree that it initiated a new art movement, a spinoff of sorts, called neo-impressionism.

We might be entrepreneurs or business-minded, we might be audio geeks or podcast junkies, but we are also artists. We have a craft that we are passionate to excel in. By reading this blog post, by listening to this podcast, you care enough about your craft to seek out ways to refine your technique, to learn how to succeed, and to see how the rest of the world is faring.

If it’s difficult to connect with the idea behind a painting, then perhaps a sports analogy will suit you better. Peyton Manning is 3 yards away from breaking the record for all-time passing yards in the NFL. He didn’t get there by taking every summer off and only playing 16 games a season! Still at 39 years of age, Manning goes to practice every day, he sits and watches tape with the coaches, he talks with his receivers and offensive linemen, he builds relationships with the men on his team.

This week Brian gives 5 tips to grow your audience, which brings us back to some basics, but also has plenty for us to chew on as we think ahead about where our podcast can go or where we can go as podcasters.

Is your audio quality poor? There is a solid place to start making improvements. Learn about audio production and figure out where to invest so as to improve the audio quality of your podcast. There is no wasted time in learning about audio when the medium of your craft is audio!

Are you still trying to lock down a name for your podcast? Consider clarity above cleverness! How will the name of your podcast contribute to your visibility in a Google search?

On that note, are you starting a podcast in a niche that has a lot of competition? As the podcasting world becomes increasingly saturated it can be hard to find that fast growing niche without competition, but giving yourself every chance by making considerations before launch will significantly benefit you after launch.

Don’t be afraid to spend time painting blades of grass, if I can use a metaphor. It may seem boring or uneventful to take care of it now, but the effort you put into understanding how to cultivate an audience will be rewarded when you step back and look at your podcast from a distance… whether it’s two months from now or two years from now!


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