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Profitcast FeedburnerTHE Formula for Profit

So it’s not really a math formula, per se, but it IS something I’ve been researching, observing, formulating, and then LIGHT-BULBING once I realized a commonality across all successful podcasters and entrepreneurs!


Naturally, I have to share it with you.  :)

The interesting part of this is that some of this is commonly talked about across the board as a strategy to grow and monetize your podcast.  But here’s the thing: putting all of these strategies together is what, I believe, creates success and profit.  I don’t believe most teach all of these things in THIS way.

The other surprising thing is when I ask successful podcasters how they became successful and profited and the response is:

“I don’t know.”

This answer is much more common than you might think.

So here’s the formula I think is the key:

  1. Pain/problem that WE have – personal connection
  2. Pain/problem we can also solve – knowledge and ability and drive
  3. Passion for that topic (is it something we actually WANT to find a solution for, help others with, etc.)
  4. Avatar WANTS and knows they NEED a solution
  5. Avatar WILLING to “pay” for that solution
  6. Able to differentiate yourself with your solution/dominate your niche

Listen in for the expanded discussion!

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jodey-smithJODEY SMITH Tip Of The Week!


Jodey has been working with a client that started off with 100 listeners, then a couple hundred listeners, then BOOM thousands of listeners (per episode)! He attributes his client’s success to unwavering consistency and perseverance.  Jodey has some GREAT thoughts for you in this week’s Profitcast!


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