PC 88 | What’s Holding You Back?

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Our guest this week is no stranger to Profitcast! The Real Brian is joined by Profitcast’s first official dedicated sponsor, Jodey Smith, to return to the theme from episode 84 – How To Connect With an Influencer. The topic of discussion this week is What’s Holding You Back? The guys drill into the practical and psychological blockages we experience that hold us back from acting on what we know we need to do.

What’s Holding You Back?

Much of the discussion this week is a call-back to the points Brian raised in episode 84; influencers have a constant flux of people seeking after their adivce and time and carry with their personage a certain level of celebrity which makes them not only sough after, but held at a higher honor in society and in our own minds. For someone like Brian, who’s livelihood and ambitions are very people-facing, overcoming obstacles that affect confidence and presentation are vital. The examples Brian gives in this episode do a great job of illustrating how these obstacles holding him back create more obstacles. What holds us back can perpetuate more deeper issues that continue to hold us back.

Using some tips he’s picked up from Stop Chasing Influencers (Kimanzi Constable & Jared Easley), Jodey brings a new dimension to the conversation surrounding mental roadblocks and helps provoke a conversation about actional setps toward facing those roadblocks.

The one insight I have to provide, in regard to overcoming roadblocks, is in the literal sense of the term. In Minnesota we often say that we have 2 seasons: winter and construction. Construction is rampant everywhere, not just in Minnesota, because of the nature of our world. Everything decays. The second law of thermodynamics states that the universe tends toward high entropy (left alone, closed systems tend toward disorder). Construction, therefore, is a necessary side effect of a desire to sustain our current civilization and, as such, will create situations which require us to re-route.

Taking detours or a different route in order to avoid construction-spawned traffic doesn’t prevent us from reaching our destination, but it does present challenges that delay us in reaching our destination. Sometimes the challenge is time (it takes longer), sometimes the challenge is frustration (the headache of slow-moving car build-ups, poor merging and angry drivers).

On the bright side, the roadblocks and detours that come up in our professional lives have a greater chance of providing meaningful value in our various pursuits. They make us more resilient, better prepared, more knowledgable, and work toward building our confidence and aptitude. However, if we attack them in the wrong state of mind they can become like construction roadblocks; they can last for a really long time and do nothing but frustrate us, day after day, swallowing us into the darkness of despair.

Don’t let the roadblocks you face become like construction detours! Recruit a trustred friend to help you work through some of the mental roadblocks you face; seek professional assitance when your technical problems are impeding your forward progress; take courses or read a book when you face abstract questions about the future. There are so many resources at your disposal, don’t be afraid to utilize them!


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  • GeorgLohrer

    Hi Brian,

    thanks a lot for this episode. Hit me directly into the face. “Paralysis by Analysis” I observe becoming older and older. “You simply know to much”. That’s great. So glad to see that I’m not alone :-)
    See, leveling is something essential overcoming the stuck state of analysis. All this comparison is mind blowing and paralyzing at once. Finally you get the imagination that you’re moving fast forward. However it’s only your environment flying by yourself sitting in a chairoplane.
    I’ve tons of actions in my GTD-list which needs steps forward, but I’m hesitating, weighing, thinking, concerning and then – it’s gone. I’ve done nothing. Being back a child would be really helpful. But I’m not. And effectively I do not want to be a child again. Therefore I’ve to overcome my fear, doubt and uncertainness. I remember this one sentence in this episode: “Sometimes it’s simply a decision for a habit.” Well, I have some details to decide.

    Cheers, Georg

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