PC 94 | Glorious Tips For Your Podcast With Colin Gray

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Profitcast FeedburnerWelcome back to Profitcast, we’re so glad you could join us on this day-after-tax-day in the United States! Typically, Tax Day (the day filing taxes is due) is April 15, but because Emancipation Day fell on the 15th, Tax Day was moved to Monday the 18th. Very important, very interesting stuff, I know. No, what is interesting is the guest Brian chats with this week! Colin Gray, The Podcast Host and Podcraft, brings his world of business to Profitcast to talk with Brian about his experience and how applying some business techniques might come in useful while you’re making decisions about your podcast.


It’s all the rage, haven’t you heard? Podcasting in seasons. Scoping out a series of installments that feed into a larger theme or breaking down a large, seemingly insurmountable period of coverage into bite-sized pieces, turning one long stream of podcast episodes into seasons can change the way we approach our podcasts.

Did you know Wheel of Fortune has seasons? There are recurring themes year to year, Pat has returned going on 30+ years now, but the puzzles are different and the contestants are different, providing for the dynamic nature of the contest and its general popularity. Without doing extensive research, my guess would be that Wheel of Fortune is split into seasons because that’s how television works. New episodes air for a time, then reruns air for a time. It makes more sense for a serialized fictional show to have seasons, and even a reality show like The Voice or Survivor; it’s a little more strange when a show where every episode features different people and different puzzles, it makes less sense.

Podcasting does not have the same constraints or structure as television, thank goodness, and it allows for each podcast to choose what is best for its host and its format. Before changing everything and conforming to a season structure, take a little time to think about how your show, and how your life, could improve and be successful from something like seasons.

Stop Forcing It

I know I’ve written before about trying to force something that just isn’t working, but I bring it up again because Colin has such great comments about it in his discussion with Brian. As I stated just above in regard to seasons, podcasting doesn’t restrict itself to any one form, it is dynamic…and that is what people love about podcasts. Every podcast is different, from the hosts to the style to the tone, every podcast has character.

Giving your podcast the best chance for success means doing what feels natural. In the words of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Trying to replicate someone else’s success yields disappointing or unexpected results. Trying to do something the way someone else does it and not getting the expected results creates feelings of inadequacy and depression.

When you’re evaluating the best ways to transfer your knowledge, look to your strengths. Where are you skills? How can you team up with someone who will allow you to do what you do best? What format can best exploit your strengths?

Stop forcing something that doesn’t work! Stop swimming up stream.


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