PC 95 | 16K Downloads in 6 weeks With Amanda Bayerle

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Profitcast FeedburnerAs passion podcasters, we should be asking ourselves daily how bad do I want it? But we don’t, do we? We get caught up in the go-go-go, we get tangled in the weeds, we get obsessed with the minutiae and forget about the big picture. Those are overlooked at a high-level, but there are lower-level aspects to the big picture that also go overlooked. This week’s guest on Profticast is Amanda Bayerle, one-half of the How Bad Do I Want It? Podcast. Through Amanda, we are reminded of a very important aspect to rounding out a sustainable entrepreneur lifestyle.

As much as I write here on Profitcast in the inclusive sense of entrepreneurs (as in, myself included), I am far from it. I lack the instinct many of you have, and the drive. I crave stability and steady work, and knowing myself and how I approach projects, I could never imagine achieving either as an entrepreneur. That said, one thing you and I have in common is the tendency to over work. It is very, very easy to work so many hours in a week that most other things get packed in if there’s time. Too often, this includes a healthy diet and a regular work out routine. I take time to work out every day, but my eating habits are very poor.

What Amanda reminds us of is how important it is to find a balance, and not just a consistent diet or consistent exercise, but consistent healthy choices in general. Brian talks a lot about mindset, and that is a huge component to staying healthy. Other ways to stay healthy? Establish boundaries! Chew before you swallow, so to speak. Find a mentor! Think about it, a lot goes into our health.

There are many highlights to Brian’s interview with Amanda; from hearing her story about getting started with her business and the podcast to the unique way she and her husband respond to every Facebook request, she has a lot of wonderfully fresh approaches to a saturated business world. She also exposes yet another instance of finding a niche, one that does more than entice listeners, but combines what they are doing with what they should be doing. She and her husband co-host the How Bad Do I Want It? Podcast, which features interviews with entrepreneurs who’ve tackled a big problem to overcome a variation of a health risk, either physically, emotionally, mentally or professionally, and have found success in breaking through that barrier.

In this episode of Profitcast, Amanda will share how her passion for helping entrepreneurs began and why it is still so important to her and her husband today. She also talks about how the success of their business helped make their podcast launch extremely successful and identifies some factors she believes were hugely important to that success. Seeing 16K downloads in 6 weeks was not by chance; it was not an overnight success. It took hard work and an unwillingness to give up in the face of adversity! We really hope her story inspires you to grab hold of what you want and go after it full force.

While maintaining a healthy lifestyle, of course.

To listen to the inspiring tales of the entrepreneurs she and Nicholas have encountered, check out the links in this blog post! We hook you up with everything you need to learn more about Amanda and the How Bad Do I Want It? Podcast.


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