PC 96 | Why YOU Should Take a Sabbatical

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Profitcast FeedburnerWhat happens when an entrepreneur takes a month off of working after going, and going full boar, for 15 years? Well, you’re about to find out! Brian is back from his sabbatical and has learned a lot. He gets honest, he gets real, and he gets under our skin. In a good way, of course.

Mindset is everything. It’s a lesson I’ve been learning in new ways over the last several months. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m a salaried application developer. I can put in a lot of hours, a lot of hours I never get back. Even though the product of my work may be measured differently than the product of an entrepreneur’s, I think the one area where we may be similar is in how we manage off-hours.

No matter how many hours I put in at my job, I have the same amount of work to do outside of the office (i.e. house work, errands, side jobs), which means that I stay up later and throw myself into the have-to’s instead of the things that will rejuvenate me.

The reality is, since the amount of hours in a day will never change we have to be intentional about what we put into it. It’s more than just sleep, food, and work, though. It’s more than breaking down a day hour-by-hour and cramming it full with everything we can possibly accomplish. We have to be intentional about seeking the things that rejuvenate us, keep us healthy, and motivate us to forge ahead.

While this week’s podcast is heavy on the things Brian learned from taking a much-needed sabbatical, there are a ton of things to keep in mind and a ton of takeaways to apply to your current situation.

Are You Tired?
Supporting a family is important, possibly the most important thing any of us will ever do in our lives. But there are ways to support a family other than financially. Demonstrating work ethic and setting an example for children can drastically influence how they will approach future jobs, but pouring all of our time into activities outside the home and placing more emphasis on making money than on building relationships can undo the example we’re trying to set.

If you’re tired, running ragged, and lacking the energy to do the essentials, maybe it’s time to do yourself a favor and take a break! Demonstrate to your friends and family that you care about the big picture by stepping back, regrouping, and investing in something other than money for a little while.

Do You Have a Project?
Maybe the problem isn’t strictly that you’re spending all your time working, but that you’re spending all your time working on too many different things that yield a shallow harvest. I, for one, tend to get caught up in all of the fun adventures the people around me are having, invest in those things, and forget to take on projects I am passionate about. In fact, I’ve been so caught up in other people’s things lately that I completely didn’t realize my website domain didn’t transfer to my new web host at the end of April! And as a result, I had to put in a lot of hours around something that would have taken 5 minutes had I noticed it before the switch-over happened.

One of the surprises Brian had, at the end of his sabbatical, was that no particular project made him want to throw himself into it. But then he realized that it was totally fine to feel that way! Instead of jumping back into it, throwing hours and hours of work into every little thing, he’s going to put in the hours that are necessary for the items on his plate and wait for that perfect project to come up. Because then he’ll have the energy and time to allocate to that project.

Are You Having Fun?
We’re not going to have fun all day every day. It’s not impossible! Just unlikely. Expecting to take on a project and love life every moment is unrealisitc, but something that we strive for. We’re going to face hardships, work with people who are difficult, and struggle with a sense of purpose. However, distinguishing between having fun now and having fun in general is absolutely necessary! If you don’t like where you are or what you are doing on the whole, maybe it’s time to take a step back and reassess.

Have you taken a sabbatical? Let us know some of your takeaways!


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  • Jeff Halash

    Brian great episode. I really appreciate what you have shared about taking a sabbatical. Not only is it still a good reminder for me to rest and recharge because sometimes when you are in the middle of working you forget. I have been telling business owners for years that anything you do is 90% mindset and 10% nuts and bolts. For most of us its easier to bury yourself in the nuts and bolts and feel like your doing everything you can and then complaining about why its not working. I think the biggest thing that you have made me think about is when I am negative about things in general I need to rest and work on my mindset. Thank you for an inspiring episode and keep it up.

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