PC 97 | How to Do a Virtual Summit with Yann Ilunga

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Welcome back to Profitcast! This week our guest is Yann Ilunga of the 360 Entrepreneur Podcast. Brian talks with Yann about his upcoming summit and gets the details on how you can do the same, if Yann’s story strikes a chord with you!

What is a summit?

We’re so glad you asked, because Yann is excited about his upcoming Podcast Success Summit, May 16 – June 9, and it bears mentioning what the heck it actually is.

Technically, a summit is a highly publicized meeting with a pre-arranged agenda. Historically, these meetings have occurred between individuals who might not otherwise be intentional about meeting, such as, famously, the meeting between President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin during WWII or the cold-war era Geneva Summit.

In the modern era, however, the term summit is much more loosely assigned to a series of meetings or sessions around a topic of someone’s choosing. The high-security nature of political summits is translated in other fields as paid access, in which anyone who wants to attend a meeting or a session must pay in order to do so. In both situations, the high-security aspect to the meetings tends to make attendees more focused and limits the amount of people who have just a casual interest in the sessions. Having such a select group of people allows sessions to be highly technical and more direct.

The summit Yann is organizing is a virtual summit, which then means there’s no physical location to go to attend the meetings, it takes place all online. Hosting a virtual summit can totally transform the way these meetings are done, because not only do people not have to pay for air fare and hotels in order to come, but you also are able to prepare speakers to provide virtual lectures or sessions. You can record ideal audio-quality sessions and provide them after the fact. There are a lot of perks!

To learn more about the Virtual Summit Yann has organized, please visit Podcast Success Summit! Here you can sign up for free to receive an email about every day of the summit, which outlines that day’s events and sessions. The summit is free for 3 days, after which you must pay for unlimited access.

The Logistics

Organizing anything is a bit of a challenge, which is why Yann gets real about his approach to the Podcast Success Summit. Important considerations need to be made, such as the timing of the event, the format and components that make up the session, the website, access to the sessions, getting speakers and hosts, and even promotion!

No speakers are being paid to speak at the summit, even though some may ask. In exchange for their time and expertise, Yann proffers an exchange of goods and services.

We hope you found this episode useful and informative. Please check out the links below for even more information!


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  • Thanks for having on the show Brian, this was a lot of fun!

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