PC 99 | How did Tim Ferriss Grow His Podcast?

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Profitcast FeedburnerAuthor of 4-Hour Work Week, 4-Hour Body, and 4-Hour Chef, it was no surprise to anyone when Tim Ferriss’s podcast took off after his April 2014 debut. And why shouldn’t it? Established fan base, established author, calculable results; Tim raced to the top of Best Of iTunes lists in both 2014 and 2015, experienced extraordinary numbers for total downloads, and locked down interviews from the hottest names of the decade.

Some people have all the luck.

If that is your mindset, that Tim experienced luck, then you haven’t been paying close enough attention.

Brian takes a close look at the article Tim published, taking a look back on how he’s seen success come in droves since starting his podcast, and breaks down the different aspects to his approach and to his quantifiable success. Some of it is broadly applicable, some of it is unique to Tim and his situation. But we can all stop for a moment and acknowledge that it’s worth taking a few moments to look at the world through the eyes of someone experiencing the success of Tim’s level.

Whether or not we can reproduce Tim’s model in order to find similar success is not the objective. We’re all in this business for different reasons. But we are passion podcasters! This is what we do; we see successful, working models and start poking at them to understand what is really making that method tick.

Brian’s takeaways are excellent, and they’re great reminders that nothing comes free. There are many moving parts to keeping a podcast alive and thriving, it’s not just getting behind the mic and talking for an hour once a week. Producing a healthy, vibrant podcast takes work, and we should snatch up every opportunity to analyze success stories and interpret it for our own paradigm.

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