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About The Real Brian


I’m Brian. Podcaster extraordinaire! Well… ok maybe not. But I do LOVE podcasting and I have a passion for podcasting about things I am passionate about.

With that said, I am also passionate about helping podcasters to be successful podcasting about their passions.

I call it “Passion Podcasting.”

Can you sense this “passion” theme? This is, I believe, the main reason podcasters podcast.

We, as podcasters, get behind the microphone to share our “voice” with an audience in order to talk about something we are passionate about with the desire to entertain and, ideally, impact others and change lives.

But how many of us are able to say we quit our day jobs to pursue our passion podcasting full-time?

Heck, how many of us can even say we make $1,000 a month with our passion podcasts?

I am here to provide a solution to this problem. Each and every one of us has a purpose on this Earth and we need to share that purpose with others.

If you have the tremendous opportunity to share your purpose and passion with podcasting, you deserve to be able to cover your expenses, make some extra monthly income, and even make this a full-time living.

Just think – if you could have a full-time living with your passion podcast, imagine what you could do for your podcast and your listeners!

Think of the impact you could have! No more worries about how to cover your podcasting expenses. No more limited time to give to your podcast and your audience.

I know what it’s like to get behind the mic, excited to talk about my passion, with the desire to encourage and impact my listeners only to find I was out of money for my podcast, stressed out, and discouraged that I hadn’t been able to “make the podcast work.”

I even got to the point of financial stress, having to downsize our home, and go back to working a “day job” in order to pay the bills.

I didn’t understand why, after pursuing my passion and helping others, the money “didn’t follow…”

In addition, why wasn’t my listener audience growing like I was told it could?

I shut down my podcast, hung my head in shame, and asked the proverbial “why?”.

I realized that since I kept waking up and breathing, my purpose on this Earth wasn’t done. I knew getting behind the microphone was my passion and tool for sharing my “voice” and having the opportunity to encourage and impact others for the better.

We ALL have a story to share and I, like you, want and need to share that story.

Not just to share it, but to know I made a difference in someone else’s life. Regardless of what our podcast topic is about, the desire is the same!

Oh and there’s SO much more to share, but you get the gist. So what now? Well, I, for one, and tired of hearing that only a select few will make money with their podcast. I’m tired of being told that if you podcast, expect to do it for free.

I’m tired of struggling financially and not having the ability or time to devote to what I am passionate about and am good at and know I can make the most impact with.

If this resonates with you, then join me on this ridiculously amazing journey of discovering the solution to making extra income with your podcast and, if you’re really crazy, turning your passion podcast into a full-time living!

Through this journey:

  • We’re going to learn how to draw a large and loyal listening audience, you know, since that’s pretty dang essential to impacting others.
  • We’ll learn how to earn an income with your podcast.

But it’s more than that… the income is just the icing on the cake.

In order to reach this goal, not only will you learn about drawing the large and loyal audience, but you will learn:

  • How to make sure you’re podcasting about the right topic for you.
  • You’ll learn how to identify your purpose and identity and passions.
  • You’ll learn how to grow as a person and a podcaster.
  • You’ll learn how to find and connect with your audience.
  • You’ll learn how to master your microphone technique as well as produce and edit audio like a pro.

There’s more. A LOT more.

It’ll be a ridiculous journey but you’ll be thankful you took it. I already am thankful I took it and there’s so much more to the journey!

You know, it wasn’t long ago that I re-started this journey with the intention of hosting and producing podcasts that would entertain, encourage, and impact listeners. I knew I needed to do it.

Life’s too short not to make a difference and have a lot of fun along the way.

I have researched countless methods on making money with your podcast, growing your audience, and making your podcast insanely amazing. The journey hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been some of the most challenging time of my life.

I’ve faced opposition that will make most people run in fear. I’ve lived through hell and come out of it with a burning desire to do it right, make a difference, pursue my purpose and passion, and to help others to do the same.

I will help you achieve the same results. Many of my podcasting friends and colleagues have dealt with the same questions and frustrations.

I have a huge desire and passion to help them and help you to achieve success with your podcast and, while you’re at it, to make some extra money each month while working towards making it a full-time living for you.

We can do it. Failure is NOT an option!

Let’s do this journey TOGETHER! :)


The first step is simple:

Connect with me on Twitter @iamtherealbrian for regular tips, tricks, and resources and sign up for my e-mail newsletter to receive exclusive content and our FREE “7 Secrets of Highly Profitable Podcasters!”



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