PC 010 | Interview with Troy Heinritz of Under the Dome Radio – Contacting the right people, creative monetization, and giving BACK to your community

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Profitcast FeedburnerWe hit the 10th episode of Profitcast!  Very exciting!!  Still LOTS more to come.  Today, I’m talking with Troy Heinritz of Under the Dome Radio, Resurrection Revealed, and The Blacklist: Exposed!

We’re chatting about making key contacts with the right people for the right reasons to get the right results!  We’ll also be talking about some creative monetization strategies as well as giving back to your community!  Beyond that, Troy shares incredible tips on sponsorships and how to utilize social media to make those key contacts and get that deep interaction with your listeners!

While Troy has been podcasting for just over a year now, he’s a veteran behind the microphone and has some great tips and strategies for us!

About Troy Heinritz

Hailing from the midwest, Troy is a Sci-Fi lover, Bad Robot enthusiast, Trekkie, and overall TV junkie.  He is also an avid listener of the Packers Fan Podcast (co-hosted by Wayne Henderson) as he is part owner of the 13 time world-champion Green Bay Packers.  Working at radio stations KQAL and KHME before relocating to Chicago, he has a broadcasting degree but also works in the technology industry in cloud computing.  Troy then moved into the world of podcasting, debuting with the Under the Dome Radio podcast.

He then hosted two podcasts, TV Talk The Blacklist and TV Talk Revenge, on the TV Talk Network.

Troy now continues to host Under the Dome Radio and Resurrection Revealed, both on Noodle.mx, and is launching the upcoming The Blacklist: Exposed podcast on Golden Spiral Media.  You can follow Troy on Twitter @troyheinritz.

What’s discussed in this episode!Troy Heinritz

  • Podcasting vs Radio
  • Some thoughts about podcasting in general
  • Making key contacts with the right people in your topic
  • Having actors, leaders, or other key people in your niche on your podcast
  • Having a listener be a featured guest of the week to give their expertise on your podcast
  • Podcasting is about profiting from interpersonal connections from the human race
  • 2 key aspects to growing your podcast
  • Intentional connection with your listeners
  • Creative monetization strategies
  • Cool ideas for giving back to your community
  • Good advice on sponsorships
  • Facebook Group strategy

Action Steps

  1. What can you apply now to your podcast in order to take the next step?
  2. Give the Profitcast Universe feedback on your successes and learning moments so we can all learn together!
  3. Check out Troy’s websites and podcasts below!
  4. Connect with Troy on Twitter!
  5. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!
  6. Get busy becoming PROFITABLE! Let’s make an IMPACT with our podcasts!

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