PC 014 | Dude, Focus. Get Real. Profit.

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Profitcast FeedburnerIn a world that inundates us with massive amounts of information that is all over the place… some differing opinions… sometimes hard to decipher… many times not explaining how… it’s ESSENTIAL for us to take a step back and Focus.

As you start to grow your podcasts and, heck, even get to the point where you’re in demand, are you going to act better than everyone else, your listeners, other podcasters?  Or are you going to Get Real?

Time to go over some of the strategies we’ve learned so far on how to Profit with our podcasts!

LOTS of information today! Let’s rock it!

Profitcast - Episode 14

Focus. Get Real. Profit.


  1. Focus on YOUR strengths
    1. Stop trying to be like Pat Flynn or Cliff Ravenscraft or John Lee Dumas, etc…
    2. Don’t always think you need to do what they do
    3. Don’t think you have to measure up to what others do
    4. Stop focusing on your weaknesses… because if you do, you’ll have strong weaknesses.
    5. Instead – focus on your strengths!
    6. Do you know your strengths?  Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath
  2. Focus on your single motivating purpose
    1. Mine is: “I get up in the morning to encourage and empower in order to help others have joy and hope, and live the lives they were meant to live.”
    2. What is YOUR single motivating purpose
    3. Make sure that everything you do with your podcast (topic, frequency, etc. etc.) aligns with your single motivating purpose.
  3. Focus on the ROOT of a situation
    1. Take a step back and look at the ROOT of the situation rather than chaotically focusing on symptoms
    2. SIMPLIFY… the simplicity of growing an audience… monetizing… etc.
    3. Just in time learning
    4. One purpose of Profitcast is to bring all the chaos of the information out there, sift through it, and organize it in a way that WORKS and that you can easily digest and apply to your podcast.

Get Real

I share a story I had with a top podcaster.  We can learn a LOT from this story.


  1. Sponsorships and advertising
  2. Affiliate links
  3. Selling products
  4. Membership site
  5. Coaching
  6. Some kind of an Academy
  7. Donations
  8. Patreon and crowd funding
  9. New one – drop shipping products
  10. SO MANY MORE I haven’t looked into nor have enough info on yet

Action Steps

  • What one take away can you immediately work on and apply this week?
  • What profit strategy are you currently using that works?
  • What other profit strategies do you recommend?

Links and Resources

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