PC 26 | Interview with Jessica Rhodes – The Simplest Way to Grow Your Podcast

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Profitcast FeedburnerIt’s so simple… Seriously.  It’s so easy to get caught up in complex strategies on how to grow your podcast, grow your community, create greater interaction, etc.  But the solution is SO simple!

Do your listeners share your podcast explosively?

Do you know the names and some personal facts of at least 25% of your listeners?

Are you feeling frustrated that you’re not getting better interaction with your listener community?

I talk with Jessica Rhodes of Interview Connections and the Rhodes to Success Podcast about relationships, networking, interviews, and, yes, growing your podcast.

Jessica has some awesome tips on EFFECTIVELY growing your podcast in ways that are extremely simple and achievable.  Yet… so profound.

After today’s episode of Profitcast, you should have the information necessary to take action on building exceptional relationships with your community and, as a result, watch your podcast grow.  :)

If you haven’t already, will you commit to learning personal facts of 25% of your listener community? CLICK HERE to contact me!

Jessica RhodesProfitcast - Jessica Rhodes

Jessica Rhodes is the founder of Entrepreneur Support Services, Inc. (ESS), a business providing a variety of support services to busy and time strapped entrepreneurs and small business owners. ESS is the parent company to Interview Connections, the premier source for booking outstanding guests for your podcast.

Jessica earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Temple University and has trained extensively in interpersonal communication while studying Strategic Communication at Temple.

Jessica spent six years working for a nonprofit where she managed a large staff of door to door fundraisers, earning her a reputation as a passionate and skilled saleswoman. In fact, she’s been told that she could “sell ice to an Eskimo!”

With her most important job now being ‘mom’ to her son Nathan, Jessica left the nonprofit world to start Entrepreneur Support Services, Inc., so she could bring her exceptional skills in sales, marketing, and administrative support to growth-oriented entrepreneurs and small business owners who need support to help in a number of areas so they can stay focused on their most urgent, high revenue-generating priorities.

The Goods

  • Focusing on the individual people is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do
  • Knowing first and last name, email address, and at LEAST 1 personal fact (if not more) of about 25% of your listeners
  • If you know specific people who would benefit from your episode, share it personally with them – value!
  • You can share your podcast all you want but as soon as a LISTENER shares it with others, then it explodes
  • Profits will increase faster if you focus on client retention rather than client acquisition (FOCUS ON CURRENT LISTENERS)
  • Keep being who YOU are – be true to yourself

The Rhodes to Action

  2. Please check out Jessica’s websites and podcast! (LINKS BELOW)
  3. Question this week:
    1. If you haven’t already, will you commit to learning personal facts of 25% of your listener community?
  4. Give me your feedback on today’s episode of Profitcast!

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  • Another great episode. Thanks for mentioning me. I mention my listeners on my show and it was fun to hear my name on your show.
    I love this idea of building community and getting to know your audience. I’m really focusing on this and I too heard this first from Cliff Ravenscraft. I’m doing a weight lose challenge on my Disney World podcast for example.
    As far as a personal fact, I usually tell people at networking events at work that I have a podcast I co-host with my daughter. :) (Because it’s unique) Beyond that, I’m a Tech Lead at a major insurance company in the Hartford, CT area.
    I’d really like to attend a podcast conference next year and connect with other podcasters.
    Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to hear Cliff’s interview.

    • profitcast

      Curt! Thanks man! Awesome to get the personal facts started!! :D Thanks for sharing that! Excited for Cliff’s interview too! It’ll be on Jan 6th! I’m excited for your weight loss challenge on your podcast. Can’t wait to hear how it goes and how your community SUCCEEDS with it too! Thanks for listening and connecting. :)

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