PC 43 | How To Set Your Podcast on FIRE! | Interview with John Lee Dumas

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Profitcast FeedburnerRemember Aesop’s fable about the tortoise and the hare? It’s a wildly common fable in American culture to describe the triumph of steadiness and consistency over a fast, but choppy, approach to the proverbial race of life. The lessons of this fable are entirely relevant as Brian talks with John Lee Dumas about how the latter found success with his podcast and with his passion.

A natural side effect of passion is an urgency and drive to pump our lives full and push as hard as we can until we’ve achieved all the success we could hope for, but this approach can be detrimental to our success because of the risk of burnout or of failing to take the time to make the necessary adjustments to achieve lasting success. And the other side of being the Hare in the podcast game is that we have the potential to become arrogant, to rely only on ourselves, and to forget about the importance of building relationships.

It was a privilege to speak with John this week and pick his brain about his rise to success, hear what worked and how he went about pushing through the mire. John shares his foray into podcasting and how he carved out a very unique niche, then took advantage of it and worked on steady growth. The great thing about John’s story is that it is entirely capable of being reproduced. John built a model around a podcast that utilizes the drive and persistence of passion and the heart of the entrepreneur. It doesn’t bank on overnight success, but invests in incremental growth around building relationships, providing value and consistent content, and staying true to passion.

Based on the conversation, Brian has FIVE take-aways:

1) First and best in your niche. YOU define your niche. Find that area where you can become “best in class”. You can become the best, but be careful of digging in the wrong hole.
2) Build relationships with your guests and continue to provide value to your guests. Building relationships is KEY, so are you promoting those interviews and guests well beyond the release of that podcast?
3) Ask. Listen. Respond. A simple three step process that sounds easier than it is, but is not difficult when you set up your podcast to become this revolving door of reciprocal actions.

Wait, that’s only 3! Yep. Listen to the podcast for the remaining 2 take-aways! Trust us, they’re worth it.

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What are you going to do with the tips we got from John Lee Dumas?

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  • Heyo TRB! Really enjoyed being a guest on your killer show…Holla!

    • profitcast

      Man it was an HONOR! Thank YOU!

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