PC 48 | Effective NON-Marketing Ways to Grow Your Podcast | Interview with Jen Briney

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Profitcast FeedburnerPlease join me in wishing Brian a very Happy Birthday! He looks pretty good for pushing 50, doesn’t he? (Don’t tell him I said that.)

Every superhero has an origin story, don’t they? (They do.) Profitcast has the unique privilege of presenting the origin stories of the superheroes of podcasting, while simultaneously providing us with the resources to turn around and become a superhero ourselves. We don’t need a cape or a mask, or super strength, or lightning fast reflexes to succeed in podcasting. We need a passion, we need resilience, and we need a strong backbone. And a microphone. Microphones help.

Jen Briney’s story is another ideal prototype for Passion Podcasting, one that we admire and encourage here at Profitcast. Locating a severe oversight in modern government proceedings, which has a serious trickle-down effect into the American people, Jen saw a hole, something she needed to fill for herself as much as she wanted to help bring awareness to the general populous, and decided to plug it. Right now Jen is the only podcast in existence to read every single congressional bill that passes. If that niche weren’t already specific enough, she further separates herself from other political podcasts by not being a typical political podcast (which we all thank her for, profusely). There are no shouting matches, there are no heated debates. There is well-researched, well thought analyses pertaining to each bill, spattered with her own opinions.

In recent weeks of Profitcast there has been a trend away from archetypical marketing strategies to help grow your podcast to a more hands-on, relational model that is easily adoptable by any beginning podcaster. Brian and Jen discuss the non-marketing strategies Jen has employed effectively to grow her podcast, as well as very insightful considerations surrounding the relationship between Podcast and Donor. There is an exchange of value that takes place between the two parties, and if you’re having trouble either growing your podcast or making money from it, it will be useful for you to do a personal assessment using the criteria they outline.

Time is also spent on discussing presentation, both the podcaster and the audio itself. We all have bad days or off days, we all have days when our equipment randomly decides to act like a red-headed stepchild. It’s important to take a step back, breathe, assess, and determine whether or not this episode you’ve produced is worthy of the caliber you would expect to be handed on another podcast you respect. Sometimes asking for a second opinion is helpful. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to hold back an episode if it just doesn’t feel right. Late material is much, much better than bad material.

We’ve got a great discussion for you here in this episode. Hit play and enjoy the ride!

Question of the Week
Brian is ready to make some decisions about what happens next with Profitcast and wants your input! Which of these directions resonates with you most:
1) Personal consulting/coaching (personal attention and direct help for what YOU need right now with your podcast) – good and quicker, not as cheap.
2) Group coaching (less personal attention but has resources to learn from) – good, not as quick, cheaper.
3) Video/audio/written resources and training for purchase (no personal attention, but good DIY stuff to help you) – good, cheaper, not quick (because DIY).

Next Week!
The next episode of Profitcast, No. 49, will be released in 2 weeks! Next week Brian is taking a break due to Memorial Day Weekend and a local conference in Denver.

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First off, a huge thank you to Jodey, Joshua and Robert for being the first to jump on the Profitcast Patreon campaign! It is a huge honor and Brian cannot wait to see what can be accomplished through this partnership.

If you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, the basis of the campaign is an opportunity for you to partner with Brian in a financial capacity in order to receive more and unique content. Without taking away anything you are accustomed to getting out of Profitcast, a Patreon campaign enables Creators, like Brian, to provide more to people like you, while staying within his means of available resources.

The foundation of Profitcast has been to pioneer techniques of turning passion into profit. Many podcasters have been successful with Patreon, and Brian hopes to provide meaningful insights and suggestions on how to launch your own campaign.


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