PC 77 | How To Leverage Your Community with Paul Sating

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Profitcast Feedburner“Nothing says Christmas like Die Hard.” Hashtag Overhead on Profitcast. It’s appropriate, as this is the week of Christmas. A very Merry Christmas from Brian and myself, and for whichever holiday you observe this time of year: [insert celebratory salutation]! Thank you for joining us this week on Profitcast as The Real Brian chats up Paul Sating, of The Q and Atheist Apocalypse, who offers up advice to leverage your community, talks about his process in re-branding, and what a good old mirror-check did for him!


All aspects of our podcast can benefit from something like a mastermind. Brian and Addy have a vision for a place where podcasters can come together, learn from others who have been there and have valuable experience, then also give back by sharing their own journey. We don’t want to get to a point where it is taboo to talk about the struggles we face, and knowing that there are others facing the same roadblocks or needing to improve in a certain area could be exactly the kind of encouragement we need to make it to the next phase of our podcast!

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This week on Profitcast, the conversation goes into several aspects of podcasting we haven’t delved into much. We’ve talked about branding, about community, and the importance of social networking, but Paul has a unique story to Profitcast that speaks more to the persistence of our podcasting presence rather than the emergence of it. Through Paul’s experiences, it’s both encouraging and gratifying to learn that making good decisions early on can enable necessary and/or unforeseen transitions in the future.

Paul is totally a passion podcaster. Like Brian, he has a passion for getting behind the mic and talking about stuff that interests him and benefits other people. He went through this very transformative period in his podcasting experience that made him take a good look at what he was doing, what he was getting out of what he was doing, and what he wanted to be doing and see where they aligned and missed one another.

Still in the early stages of re-branding his solo project, The Q , Paul is very excited about what it means for him personally. He got to that place with his previous podcast where doing it was a struggle all the time. He was faking it to make it, and that just didn’t fly. This was something he loved to do, right? Why was it such a struggle? Taking a step back, he reassessed, drew up a new plan, and re-branded.

Re-branding is not an easy thing to do, but sometimes it’s exactly the jumpstart we need to be reignited by our passion! What I love about Paul’s journey is that he knew where he wanted to go, knew he wasn’t in the right place, and not only admitted that to himself but also gave himself permission to course correct. He leveraged the community he’d already build to bring himself back to where he wanted to be.

We hope you got something out of this week’s interview! Keep in mind, it’s experiences like Paul’s that will make a Mastermind so valuable. The lessons Paul learned in re-branding are ones that could be shared with someone else in a similar situation, and we want to make Mastermind the platform for those connections to be made.

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