PC 81 | Inside the Mind of a Sponsor with Jodey Smith

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Profitcast FeedburnerWelcome back to Profitcast! We’re excited to share this installment of the podcast with you because it features Profitcast’s very first sponsor, Jodey Smith! Since we leave no rocks unturned here at Profitcast, Brian decided that rather just announcing a new, and a first, sponsor, that he’d actually bring Jodey on to discuss the how and why and what for prompting him to come alongside Brian financially.

We get inside the mind of a sponsor this week and hope it will encourage you on both sides of the coin, to both consider supporting a podcast financially and also to think about partnership in a different way.

Jodey describes his means and motivation for becoming Profitcast’s first sponsor on this episode, but I will leave it up to your eager ears to absorb those details because they’re so much better coming from the mouth of the man himself. I actually had the privilege of meeting Jodey just this past September when Brian and I were in Atlanta for DragonCon. Golden Spiral Media organized a quasi-traditional meet up at a restaurant in Atlanta and Jodey drove down from Gainesville to join in the fun.
Though our paths never crossed during our time at TV Talk, I do remember his name getting thrown about, but mostly I knew his name from Brian. At that dinner in Atlanta I got to experience first hand Jodey’s depth of knowledge both in podcasting and web development, as we shared many common interests and found it incredibly easy to converse over these shared interests! I will admit, though, while he and Brian prefer Gold Rush, I am more of a Dual Survival fan myself. But preferences are what make the world go ‘round, right? I don’t hold it against either of them.

Jodey offers a pretty straight forward service: podcast launch coach. From what I’ve heard, the service primarily comes in two forms: either a done-with-you service or a tell-me-what-I-did-wrong service, both of which are highly recommended from a wide assortment of podcasters. Sometimes the hardest part about podcasting is just getting to the point where you can do what you do best (and for many of you that is getting behind the microphone), and Jodey provides a service that doesn’t necessarily alleviate the need to go through that initial process, but creates a structured and methodical environment for that process to occur in a way that alleviates stress.

So this week we’re pointing you at Jodey and the service he provides! A huge thank-you to Jodey for sponsoring Profitcast and we will continue to remind you week in and week out about his services. Please check out his website, jodeysmith.com and contact him there. If you’re interested in being like Jodey and sponsoring Profitcast, please get in touch with Brian! The easiest method is to send him an email (brian@profitcastuniverse.com).


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