PC 86 | Podcast Hosting Business Update with Jason Bryant

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This week on Profitcast, The Real Brian reconnects with Jason Bryant whom we first spoke with in episode 33 – A Different Way to Monetize Your Podcast. Jason gives us an update on how his business of hosting podcasts for other organizations is going! Jason has seen much success in the last year and graciously offers up many of his observations from what he believes has made him successful.

There are two big takeaways that I want to draw focus to in the discussion Brian and Jason have. The first is, once again, the power of niche; the second is patience.

We’ve been talking for months and months about how a niche can serve a podcaster well. Covering a topic no one else covers or doing something in the way no one else does it helps us to stand out from the crowd. Instead of being Waldo (from Where’s Waldo?), we have a chance to become the free spirit amongst all the uniforms.pc-86-stand-out It’s not about following a list of criteria to have a podcast, it’s about owning it, making it unique and making it your own, and not conforming to the patterns that everyone else has adopted.

Niche can be broken down in two ways, and I love what these guys talk about so I’m not going to go into great detail. When it comes to hosting podcasts for businesses, it’s helpful to either have expertise, as Jason does, or a methodology, as Brian does. Jason has the corner on wrestling, and Brian’s strength is being able to interview in such a way that provides value to basically any business. Both of them have found a niche, though. Both have somewhat narrow potential customer bases, and will likely never see any overlap, but there is a need for both niches.

And that’s where the second takeaway comes in. Patience is tough, especially when money is low and discouragement is high. Jason makes the great point, though, that seeds need to be sown before plants can sprout. If you’re serious about hosting podcasts for businesses, it’s essential to sow the seeds. This can, unfortunately, be the most tedious component of finding business, and sometimes the most unfruitful. But without seeds, nothing can grow.

After the seeds are planted, that’s when patience comes in. A business might not be ready to make a decision when you’ve first proposed the venture, but perhaps six to twelve months down the road they’ll have had a chance to evaluate and reconsider. So after you’ve planted some seeds, circle back around after some time and see where they’re at! And if you keep that cycle going, keep the ground warm and watered and cultivate your connections, you will see plant life begin to develop.

Check out all of the cool stuff Jason is up to now by using the links below! I don’t want to spoil too much, but I will hint that he’s got something big coming up… This Summer… that has to do with Brazil and wrestling…

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JODEY SMITH Tip Of The Week!

Have you hit a wall with your podcast? Whether it’s a technical issue or a creative block, it’s possible to overcome those walls! Get together with someone you trust (or several someones), in person or online, and brainstorm about it. Gleaning constructive advice from fresh ears can help you overcome an obstacle that has been weighing heavily on your ability to make advancements with your podcast.


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  • Great podcast Brian and Jason. It sounds like the relationships you have built are always going to be the best way to get started with building your business. There really is no way around the “know-like-trust” formula unless it’s a price based sale where you’re offering something for less than everyone else.

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